View Full Version : Best String for KPS88?

The Ripper
02-20-2009, 09:48 PM
I love my KPS88 and strung it with my usual Bab Hurricane Tour 17 at 55 lbs (good starting tension).

The Bab's feel a little thick and stiff to me (on this racket). First thing would be a lower tension, prob. 53 for starters. Next, a soft synthetic. I've played most of the Luxilon's, guess I like the Timo's the best, but obviously play the Bab's instead now for awhile. What about the Signum Pro Suplex 17's? I know a lot of guys like those. I've done the all gut (Bab VS - very expensive) and the gut/VS combo - I wasn't particularly impressed. Still seemed boardy to me. Maybe all gut at 52 lb would be nice, but expensive for an experiment. Any suggestions for a 17/18 poly with a soft touch, plenty of spin and power when needed?