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03-03-2005, 05:11 AM
Are there any differences between the two. Also, does anyone know of a link to any past reviews on the 600? Thanks.

03-03-2005, 05:26 AM
I know there is a TW "Customer Feedback" page still available on the Prestige Classic 600, I'll try to dig up the link for you, but I don't think TW ever did an in-depth review of any kind on it. There use to be a "Customer Feedback" page on the Prestige Tour 300, but it appears to be no longer available.

As far as the differences between the two, they are very subtle. The Tour feels slightly more flexible, and more muted than the Classic. Also the Tour swings a little lighter in comparison. Not much difference when it comes right down to it, but I prefer the Tour because it does everything the Classic does but with added comfort.

03-03-2005, 05:46 AM
Thanks, Pushmaster. I am very intrigued by these racquets. I hope to play with one soon.

03-04-2005, 12:05 AM
If you're intrigued enough, you'll do a search. You'll find everything you want to know - and more.

And please remember that by doing a search, you'll usually find everything you want to know - and more.

03-04-2005, 04:32 AM
I know there is a TW "Customer Feedback" page still available on the Prestige Classic 600, I'll try to dig up the link for you, but I don't think TW ever did an in-depth review of any kind on it. There use to be a "Customer Feedback" page on the Prestige Tour 300, but it appears to be no longer available.

As far as the differences between the two, they are very subtle. The Tour feels slightly more flexible, and more muted than the Classic. Also the Tour swings a little lighter in comparison. Not much difference when it comes right down to it, but I prefer the Tour because it does everything the Classic does but with added comfort.

Hye pushmaster why did you switch from the wilson 85 to the prestige classic? How would you compare them?

03-04-2005, 05:06 AM
My 42 y.o. arm is getting too old for it. I'm just not into the stiff boardy feel of the PS 6.0 85 anymore, plus they're killing my shoulder and elbow. My Prestige Tour is like hitting with a pillow in comparison to the Pro Staff. I can't understand why so many people around here think that the 6.0 85 has the best feel of any other racquet out there? In fact to me it's way too stiff to have what I would define as "feel". Yes, it feels clean and solid upon impact, but there just isn't anywhere near that wonderful dwell time that my Tour has. I can feel the ball sink into the stringbed of my Tour unlike the 85, so for me I have much greater feel, control, and comfort with the Tour. To me the Prestige feels "alive", whereas the Pro Staff feels "dead".

03-04-2005, 07:52 AM

I generally do a search before posting. If I don't find sufficent information using the TW search function then I post. I find the TW board search function to be mediocre and I think this sentiment is shared by others on this board, having "searched" this point in the past. But I'm not going to whine about it because TW provides us a great service for free. Anyway, I don't think my question was unreasonable given the age of these racquets and minute differences between the models. Have a nice day.

03-04-2005, 08:52 AM
I've found this in Search, check it out, hope it helps, I have Tour and just bought Classic and two Classic 660, can't wait to test them all in action.

I use the MID. 93 sq, Low power, great control, dense string bed, thin beam, fast swing, some weight in the head, big serve, bullets will not intimidate this stick, a player's racquet. It comes with a leather grip and therefore feels like a 2by4 in your hands. Replace it w/ a synthetic and you're in business.
Nah, don't change the leather. Synthetic will deaden the feel to much. Seriously , the 93 is much better IMO. I get plenty of kick on 2nd serve but that's more a function of my toss and mechanics than the frame, I think. Actually, I serve much better with this frame (and with far more confidence) than any other racquet. I also play at 5.0-5.5 level with long, classic strokes. With the 93 head, you can let 'er rip and use some wrist with abandon, and generate plenty of racquet speed. The MP is not as manueverable but its nice for volleying anyway. Solid if you have compact strokes or if you play agressive doubles--chip returns, kick serves, always coming in etc... If you want an oversize though, I would go with the Prince Original Graphite. Still the best frame over 100 sq in out there all around, though I can't fathom how people can serve with such a big stick... Either way the 93 can't be beat.
The reason for the change in names is two-fold: Wilson owns the rights to the name "Prestige Tour" and Head elected to stop paying royalities to Wilson. Hence the name chage. Secondly the Classic does not have the Suspension Grip System as did the PT. The racquets otherwise are the same but RDC readings will be stiffer thanks to the removal of the SGS. Chip / SRS
The Prestige Tour mid is less forgiving than the midplus. Both have a dense string pattern, weigh about the same, etc. However, the midplus is more appealing to a wider player audience. Sort of like the ProStaff 95 versus the 85. The Suspension Grip was included on the midplus to provide more comfort to these players. However, this has been discontinued on the Head Classic Tour due to breakage problems. Don/Tennis Warehouse

They're the same in name and color ONLY!! by Neil, 10/14/97
Despite the similar color and the same name, these racquets are VERY different and not just in square inches. For starters, here are some of the physical characteristic differences:
(1) Mid-plus uses 2-piece stringing, mid-size uses 1-piece stringing and the stringing pattern is denser on the mid-size. The tension seems to stay more uniform on the 1-piece.
(2) The frame of the mid-size is thinner and the throat is narrower and longer. This may not matter to you, but I tend to cradle the racquet high up with my non-hitting hand, so this felt awkward on the Mid-plus.
Here's how they differ in playability:
(1) I found the Mid-plus to be a bit clumsy and too big to maneuver, especially on serves. The difference is even more dramatic on volleys, the mid-size is awesome, the midplus is awful.
(2)Much more control on the mid-size, I was hitting groundstrokes into the next zip code with the midplus for similar strokes/pace.
(3) Serves: no comparison!! Midplus was too big to be effective.
Head Classic or Tour?!?
Very, very, very few pros choose the Tour over the Classic. Why? Simple: The Classic is flat-out better in terms of feel. The Suspension Grip damps too much. You can't really feel your shot like you can with the Classic and its leather grip. If you like cushy frames (pros usually don't), then go with the Tour (92 sq. in. version). Both frames play with supreme touch, control, and maneuverability. Heavenly performance for both serve & volley and baseline bashers. Either way, Classic or Tour, you can't lose. I prefer the Classic just a tad.
Prestige Classic/Prestige Tour/Here's the difference by Racquet Expert, 9/21/97
The difference between The Prestige Classic and The Prestige Tour is the Classic weighs 20 grams more and has a firmer more lively response. The pro's play with the Classic because it has better feel do to the fact that it has no shock absorbing handle system.
They are the same racquet and the only difference is the name and the grip, but they play exactly the same. I'm a 5.0+ all-court player who has played with various versions of this racquet for the last 12 years. It's a precision racquet, not very forgiving on off center hits, low power, but has exceptional control. The racquet feels solid due to its dense string pattern and low vibration. A good serve and volleyer would do well with this racquet (thin profile, very manouverable). It's also sensitive to the string type and tension you choose. I have it strung with VS Synthetic 17g, 57lbs (48-58lbs recommended). I also add have lead tape at the 3 and 9 positions to give the racquet some heft on groundies. Hope this helps.

Is the diffference in weight really that much? I've the tour, but I've tested the classic also, and it didin't feel so different. Actually I would have bought the classic, but they were so hard to find back then, so I bought the tour. But still... 20 grams, what about the balance? And what about the classic XL?
Mika if 20 grams wasn't a difference I think instead of all the male players on the tour using the classic they would use the Prestige tour. advanced players can notice the difference between a racquet weighing 1 or more grams over the weight of a previous racquet. So if you want to know it is a huge difference. The prestige doesn't have the same stick and firm weight to it as the classic, If you have noticed the trend for almost all pro players is to apply lead tape to there frames for a heavier frame that plays much more solid. The pro's don't like extremely light frames, have you noticed no male professionals in the top 100 play with Wilson Hammer racquets? So to answer your question 20 grams means a lot
Prestige Classic 600 vs Prestige Classic Mid posted by Gerry Mah on August 25, 1998
The Classic, because it lacks the suspension grip, is stiffer than the Tour. It's RA (measure of stiffness) is 62, while the Tour is 58. This will give the Classic a little more power, control and feel. Other than that they are identical. Regarding the "made in Austria" v. the "designed in Austria", I have been told (by Head) that all the frames are made in the same plant in Austria, but the ones that say "designed" are painted in another country. Hope this helps.
The Prestige Tour 600 is essentially the same racquet as the Classic Tour Mid sold in the US. Don/Tennis Warehouse

I am a humble guy, never want to show off anything, but today I am so excited about my new toy and thus gotta tell everyone.
Background info: Eastern forehand/backhand, Continental everything else. Flat (or litte top spin forehand). Slice and sometime top spin backhand. All-court'er.
I have been playing with the Prestige Tour extensively for about 1/2 year now. Love it. Shots are stable, easy to direct the ball. Volleys are superb. The racquet is quick in the air, does not bounce back too much when returning a fast volley. Overhead forehand and overhead/blocking bachhand come naturally. In terms of power, I try to make full swing and hit the ball well in front of me. If I can do that, the ball just shoot like a rocket to wherever I want. Of course if I just rush and make a 1/2 swing, the ball just drop on the service line. I tend to over hit the ball quite often (ie hit-the-hell-out-of-the-ball), then with just a bit of top spin, the balls land on the court nicely.
Well that so much for the old toy. I finally got a Prestige Classic. The significant different at the first touch is the vibration. If you just bounce the ball on the racquet, with the Tour absolutely no vibration, with the Classic a bit of buzzing. Ahh, that's not right. So I can't wait to go to the court to hit some real balls to see what's going on. Well, that Classic's true value proved me wrong. I hit all kinds of shots, the racquet feel really stable and no vibration after hitting the ball at all. This makes me wonder, why the heck does Head bother with the suspension grip at all? The feel is so much better than the Tour. This is probably due to the flexibility difference. I can tell right away that the Classic is stiffer. With the Tour, the ball seems to stay on the string bed forever, so if I don't pay attention to my follow through, I will whip the ball out. The Classic is totally different, the ball just rush out of the string bed fast and solid. This is not only true for groundies, volley and serve get a good kick with pace, too. People say that the Classic is heavier than the Tour, I personally don't feel the difference just by picking up the racquets. After playing with the Classic and did some experiment to figure out the center of gravity of both racquets, I came to conclusion that the Classic is less head-light (about 1cm or 3/8" different). Probably this makes the swing weight of the Classic higher than the Tour.

03-04-2005, 09:53 AM
Thanks for the detailed post, Amadextor. I'm going to buy the Classic. If anyone has one for sale in good shape and accepts Paypal please email me.

03-04-2005, 01:14 PM
Interesting post Amadextor, although there is some misinformation mixed in there. Wilson never used the "Prestige Tour" designation in any of their models, so where that comes from is beyond me?

And I disagree that the suspension grip on the Prestige Tour "damps too much". It seems to me as if some people associate "feel" with vibration, so yes in that regard the Classic has slightly more feel, although there is very little if any vibration with either. Personally I can feel the ball better on the Tour because of this lack of vibration, not to mention the added flex. More dwell time=more feel IMO. If for anything else, I prefer the suspension grip on the Tour because the shape is more square than on the Classic, and slightly larger. The Tour just feels better in my hand. The post Tour/Classic Prestige grips feel flatter and smaller in comparison. The Prestige grips with each new generation seem to get smaller and flatter, when I "demoed" my friends LM Prestige in 5/8 I would have had to add a heat shrink in order to get the same size as my Tour in 5/8.

In regards to pros preferring the feel of the Classic over the Tour, that's impossible to determine unless you asked them about it personally. Pros switched to the Classic because the Tour was discontinued, it's that plain and simple. With the Tour being discontinued there just wasn't enough supply of them for pros to continue playing with them, besides there just wasn't enough difference to justify them to continue using the Tour anyway. As TW stated the suspension grip was discontinued because of reliability issues in some, and not because it was any better or worse than the Classic grip. Personally I have never encountered that problem. About the only minor gripe I had with the suspension grip was that my 1st Tour sometimes made a slight clicking noise, slightly annoying I admit, but not a big deal. That Tour was very well used by the time I got it anyway with a crack in the hoop, so the "click" could have been coming from the frame and not the grip anyway. The two mint Tours that I just recently bought make no noise other than that beautiful sounding "thwack" noise that is a trademark of the Tour/Classic.

I would be interested in knowing if there are any other guys out there who prefer the Tour over the Classic? It seems like I'm in the tiny minority who does.

03-04-2005, 01:41 PM
Here's my take: I don't think the differences between the Prestige Classic and the Prestige Tour are to such a degree that it would have a significant impact on my game.

03-04-2005, 02:11 PM
In what way?

03-04-2005, 03:39 PM
For me, I'm not too picky about my sticks, I just grab whatever and go, so the differences between the Tour and Classic, while noticeable, aren't really enough for me to use one exclusively over the other.

03-04-2005, 03:50 PM
I've used both and agree if I was given a pref. I would pick the classic . I thought the suspension grip "creaked" and vibrated had to use a vib. dampner which is not needed in the classic.

03-04-2005, 04:32 PM
Like I said the 2 Tour's that I just bought don't creak at all, and there is less vibration with them than any racquet I've played with to date, including the PC. It could be that your Tour's grip was defective, or that the rubber pieces fatigued in time due to use, and became loose. I admit being concerned about this in the future, but I'll cross that bridge when and if I come to it.

03-04-2005, 08:18 PM
Pushmaster I'm not tring to tear it down. Let me put it this way if I "stumbled" across one or two I'd buy them and be tickled to death to get them.

03-04-2005, 09:55 PM
I would like to "stumble" across a couple more Tour's myself, but it would be highly unlikely, especially in a 5/8 and in the kind of condition that mine are in. I would "settle" for a couple of Classic's, because they're the next best thing.