View Full Version : when will Babolat stop producing Pure Storm Tour ??

03-11-2009, 12:25 PM
i really love Babolat Pure Storm Tour Racquets. It has pretty good power and control. improved my game a lot.

I just wondering that when will babolat stop producing this stick? Isnt Aero Storm is kinda newer version of Pure Storm?

03-11-2009, 02:06 PM
no I beleive the Aero Storm is the update of the AeroPro Control. That to me seems more likely. I don't think they will stop making it, just upgrade as new technology becomes available.

03-11-2009, 02:55 PM
I don't see Babolat discontinuing the PS line of racquets any time soon. They are selling too well for the company to just up and get rid of them. There might be some new technology updates as is common in the industry but I don't see the line going away.

Like Storm said, the AS(T) is really more of an update to the AeroPro Control model. Sure there are definite similarities between the AS and the PS but I also think that there are pretty different markets for the two.