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03-16-2009, 07:47 AM
I am the DC Tennis Examiner for examiner.com. Just started a few weeks ago. Here is an excerpt of my latest post/article for them.

Spring is here: How to choose a tennis racquet?
March 15, 4:41 PM · Add a Comment

"Spring is in the air and you want to get out on the tennis courts. You’ve decided to begin, or to renew, your acquaintance with tennis, a great game, and a great way to get keep fit. Bravo! Now you need a racquet. If you have not hit a tennis ball since the days of the long-gone wooden racquets, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better it is to hit a tennis ball with a modern quality tennis racquet, composed almost entirely of graphite and a resin that binds and stiffens the graphite."

For those who are interested, you can read the rest of the article/post which discusses choosing a tennis racquet at


The article is addressed mostly to beginners, but hopefully contains some useful information for more experienced players as well.

You can leave comments at the examiner site or put them in this thread, or both. I am interested in comments and critique. Did I steer anyone wrong? And I am sure I must have left out some key considerations in choosing a racquet. I would be interested in hearing of these.

A Wilson Pro Staff Surge, (100 sq in) vs a circa 1950s wooden Spalding (Joe Hight photo)The photo of my Wilson Pro Staff Surge and my Pancho Gonzalez autograph Spalding is on the examiner site.

Thanks, I used to be a regular, but drifted away for a while. Now I am back.

03-16-2009, 07:52 AM
Although I mostly skimmed over it, I think you covered a good amount of info for beginners.