View Full Version : 100th KPS 88 thread..

03-18-2009, 08:59 AM
I'm sure it's not the 100th but it sure feels like it with everyone raving about it!

My humble opinion of the frame:
(Strung with 16g yonex tour 850 @ 65 lbs.)

Looks: If not for the white streaks on the frame, it would have been a beauty. An all black look would have been great. The buttcap looks like a hobo picked something off the rail tracks and stuck it there.

Groundstrokes: I wish this frame had been released 3 years ago. I have started putting so much more topspin that I couldn't really appreciate this frame. It would have been great for flatter strokes, but oh well...I am just a rec. player so what would I know about appreciating a KPS88! It is very stable and has a raw feel that you come to expect from a prostaff. The k90 felt a lot softer in comparison. Slices felt great. Even with the high swingweight, it cuts through the air pretty smoothly. I went with the multi string since I like the 'feel' the ball on the racquet.

Serves: This is the best aspect of the racquet. I used to shank quite a few serves with my PS85 back in the day but this one seems to lend a helping hand thanks to the stability. Second serves are great as long as you have the right technique. There was definitely a lot more kick than there was with the PS 85 but that may just be me being more improved compared to 2-3 yrs. ago. It still doesn't match with the best serving frame I've used - the 6.0 95.

Volleys: The second best aspect. If you get into position on time, volleys go exactly where you want them to. Depth, pop and feel are unparalleled. Drop volleys are terrific. I don't know what they put in the frame to make it feel so good. Combine this with the serves and you've got yourself a great S&V frame, which is exactly the playing style of the person it was made for. I even tried a Pete-style slam-dunk but much to my chagrin but to the amusement of my opponent, I missed the ball completely...

Overall: Purists and S&V players would love this frame. If I was a 5.5+ level player, I would be able to extract the best out of this frame. But for now, me using the frame is like driving an F1 car through a school zone - a grave injustice for the car.

p.s. Please disregard the comments that warn you about arms and shoulders breaking off by using this frame. The weight is nothing - it's all in your head.