View Full Version : diff in 400i and 200G

03-20-2009, 04:50 PM
does anyone hit with both. I used to own a 200G but it diesd a painful death. I now play 400i but wonder how they really compare in play. I almost want to buy a 200G just to com[are them. I don''t remember the 200 giving this much spin but I do remember loving my 1hbh with it anyway. Seems that this 400i may have more pop but not sure. Just curious and no where better to ask than here ;)

03-20-2009, 05:43 PM
IMO, 200g feels and plays more substantial than the 400i... With that said, I like the 400i better prob cause it has a lower static and swingweight. The 200g is an absolute beast at the net, slice machine and great on the serve. I was just always late with the down the line shots and other shots hit real hard. The 400i gives that same IM frame feel just not quite so heavy and demanding. IN addition, the 400i is much easier to produce opspin IMO. Both are excellent, thats why I still have a stash of both even though I dont use them as my main sticks.

03-21-2009, 07:28 AM
that is what I figured...i answered my own question in another thread a couple months ago (may I am slipping) but I did not have the two at one time to play with so I was going by memory. It does seem that the 200 was easier to slice with for some reason. I may want to get another one just for fun. My 400i's have a bit of lead on the handle and weigh 12.8with leather and overgrip. They are not light at all and my 200G weighed about the same thing stock with no overgrip. I have about 2 grams of lead on the handle of the 400i's and Tw thicker leather to make more headlight.

Do you think the 400i has more power? Seems like it might.