View Full Version : Yonex MP Tour-5 vs RDX500MP

03-07-2005, 09:01 AM
Can anybody compare these racquets in terms of comfort, power and spin potential?

03-07-2005, 10:01 AM
I play the MP Tour-5 and have demo'd the RDX-500 mp.

Comfort : They are both very comfortable. I personally like the feel of the Tour-5 more....the RDX-500 stringbed feels to mushy to me, even though its flex rating is actually stiffer. I think it's because the RDX-500 has a stiffer throat, but a flexier hoop. THe Tour-5 on the other hand has a stiffer hoop and a more flexible throat; the combo I most prefer and that generates the most spin for me. It could also be the exlcusion of the Muscle Power grommets on the RDX-500. Anyway, the sweetspot just feels sweeter to me on the Tour-5 (and bigger). Oh, and the Tour-5 has a thinner beam, so there is greater ball feel IMO.

Power : They have similar power levels stock, but since their weight is different, it is difficult to comapre straight up; depends on your swingspeed and strength. The extra 1/2 inch of length on the Tour-5 does give it more juice on serves though. But most people seem to customize their Tour-5's as they come pretty light, and seem to be born for lead tape (ie. lead tape seems to only amplify the greatest characteristics of the frame) Anyway, by the time I've got enough lead tape on my Tour-5 to match the RDX-500 in weight and balance, it is definitely more powerful.

Spin : Again, hard to compare straight up as they differ in weight, but if you had the Tour-5 modified with lead to be similar in weight and balance to the RDX-500, I'd say it would have greater spin potential. The Tour-5 has a thinner beam and a flexier throat, so you can "cup" the ball better. Also, the extra 1/2 inch in length comes into play here again, adding leverage to your spin shots, provided you can swing the racquet fast enough.

In any case, I'd recommend the Tour-5 if you are comfortable with or even prefer 27.5" racquets as I do, and you aren't afraid to do a little lead tape experimentation....if you prefer a standard length stick, the RDX-500 MP may fit your bill; I just didn't like it because the stringbed just felt too mushy to me...the Tour-5 had a crisp responsive stringbed while remaining flexible due to the ultra-flexy throat.

03-07-2005, 10:18 AM
Monologuist, thanks for the fast and comprehensive reply!
I got an opportunity to buy tour-5 very cheap but I cannot demo it. On the other hand, I demoed RDX500MP and really liked it. I am not afraid to experiment with lead tape, in fact, I like it! Most probably I will go for it.