View Full Version : FT: Head Microgel Extreme Pro Midplus for Fed's stick

03-30-2009, 11:23 PM
Head Microgel Extreme Pro Midplus for Fed's stick:

it is in 8/10 conditions, very minor scuffs from normal play, mostly doubles, therefore not serious banging done at all. my friend is a really nice guy and he never throws his racquet on the court, he never screams, and hardly ever gets upset on the court. my friend played with it for 2 months. and he gave it to me which is of no use to me, since i use k90.
it is in grip size 4 3/8. headsize 100 sq.inch. 27 inches. it is strung with luxilon alupower 16 at 58 pounds.

i want to trade this racquet with one of the followings:
1. k90
2. prostaff 85
3. KPS 88
4. prostaff tour 90
5. ncode 90.
6. Donnay Borg Pro. or Dunlop McEnroe Maxply woodies - must be 9/10 or over. no warping whatsoever.

the above racquets with the exception of #6 must be in grip size 4 3/8. and 8/10 or over.

i got a good reference.
please email me tenniswangja@hotmail.com
i can send you pictures. when you email me for trade, please also send me pictures of your frame as well.