View Full Version : 2004 USRSA Manuals

03-09-2005, 03:26 AM
Hi, I just received my 2005 USRSA manuals and no longer need my 2004s, a bit redundant you know?

Would be kind of a waste to just throw them away though, I'm sure someone would find them useful.

If anyone wants stringing patterns for their tennis rackets, stringing guides, equipment guides, string survey rankings and listings, racket specs, MRT study guide, racket service guide, etc., etc. Then this would be a good deal, without having to fork over the one hundred buckaroos for USRSA membership.

I used to buy the manuals used when I wasn't a member.

$20 shipped by Priority Mail.

Thanks. If you've got positive buyer feedback, I'll send you the books ASAP without waiting for payment (after all, this isn't exactly a HIGH RISK item for me to sell, lol...I just want to get rid of them pronto, they're annoying me and taking up too much space on my bookshelf).

E-mail me at dude****@aol.com

03-13-2005, 05:59 PM
Make that $15 shipped via Parcel Post.

Just wanna get rid of these ASAP. They really are annoying me that they're just sitting around taking up space on my bookshelf when I don't even need them anymore.