View Full Version : Pro Kennex Ki 5 PSE vs 5g PSE

03-10-2005, 12:58 AM
While I was contemplating buying a ki5 PSE, I searched this board to see if there was any info comparing it to the 5g PSE, which it replaces, and which is my current racquet. None. So this is it, for anyone wondering the same thing.

Basically, as you might guess, it's a very similar playing racquet, but, IMHO, it's better. The TW spec is that the Ki5 pse has a higher swingweight, despite having a slightly lower static weight. My impression is that the Ki5 swings subtly lighter than the 5g pse, and this seems to have helped my hitting. I have played with the 5g pse for a year, so am quite used to the weight, and the Ki5 pse is only .2oz lighter, but that little bit seems to make an appreciable difference (balance is the same); possibly also the greater flexibility. I felt the racquet to be more maneuverable as a consequence. Power and control are very similar, and the stability that comes with the weight is not noticeably changed.

It is true that the kinetic material, when shaken, sounds louder in the Ki5, but this is non-noticeable during play, and all in all, it is a good update on the 5g pse, which I think I can now retire.


rocky b
03-10-2005, 03:32 AM
Stay away from the new PK KI rackets they play nothing like the old 5G pse. No control and very stiff and boardy. Try and fing the old 5G pse

03-10-2005, 03:42 AM
I switched from the 5G PSE to the Ki 5PSE last fall. They felt almost identical to me. If anything the Ki5 feels a tiny bit softer. I could easily switch between both racquets during a match with no problem. The finish on the Ki5 is much better, though. Stating that the new PSE feels very stiff and boardy with no control makes me wonder if you weren't using a regular Ki5 instead of a PSE. The regular Ki5 wasn't nearly as stable to me.

rocky b
03-10-2005, 10:00 AM
hit with all three of the KI5 series hated all of them compared to the old version. I guess that why we demo we all feel something different.

03-10-2005, 10:52 AM
hey rocky_b, are you saying you currently hit with a 5g PSE? I'm surprised you found the Ki5 PSe to be so different. Perhaps it had different strings? Different tension? My ki5 pse is strung and tensioned exactly as my 5g pse. In fact, the 1st time I played with the Ki5, I didn't feel it would be good comparison until I built up the grip the same way -- I use two layers of overgrip to slightly increase grip size from 4 5/8 and duplicated the string dampener. Subtle things different from one's current racquet can make a big difference in perceived feel, let alone strings/tension, which have a much greater effect. That's why, on a slight tangent, I think that demos are good for only so much.

03-10-2005, 11:09 AM
Hey Bruce, I wouldn't be too fixated on what TW lists as the 5G/Ki5 specs. A pro kennex representative has stated on these boards that they are built to the exact same spec and that the only difference is the introduction of Ki technology, so the spec difference TW is reporting is probably due to manufacturing tolerance. I have 3 5G PSEs and their weights strung with 16 gauge multi are: 13.1, 13.0, and 12.9 ounces. I can't measure stiffness because I don't have the equipment but I doubt they are all right at the 67 TW reports.

rocky b
03-10-2005, 11:10 AM
Bruce like a dummy I bought the 5x blind thinking it was my 7g with a new paint job and the ionic was a marketing thing. I tried it for weeks different string tension never felt close to the 7G. Don in his review said the same thing and he was a 7G user for a long time. Anytime I like something they change it the 7g was perfect why mess with a good thing.

03-11-2005, 12:15 AM
ruuzo -- yeah, tell me about the PK tolerances ... I have two 5gPSEs and they are quite different in spec, although in the end, they still play pretty similarly. One of them had a slightly misshapen head (slightly squashed lengthwise) and needed lead in the head to match the balance point of the other. I'm sensitive to balance, hence this fix. So yeah, no doubt the specs don't tell the whole story. And in fact, my two 5g's play slightly differently too, as a result. So my Ki5 is probably slightly different also because of manufacturing tolerances. But different in a good way :-)

rocky_b -- sorry to hear that your 7g isn't duplicated in the new line of PKs. You gotta buy up TW's stock of them!

BTW, I do think the Ionic is not just marketing hype. The kinetic material is definitely more freely moving. Now what difference this actually makes, I'm not quite so sure.