View Full Version : Gamma Progression ST II vs. Alpha Revo 400

04-04-2004, 04:17 PM
If I was considering purchasing one of these portable stringers, does anyone have an opinion on the best purchase. I can get the Gamma for approximately $565 instead of the $629 listed price. The Gamma mounts seems more sturdy. What do you all think?

rich s
04-04-2004, 04:32 PM
I have a Progression II 602FC which uses the same turntable and mounting system as the ST II and I can tell you it is a tank.

It is strong as heck and supports rackets well. You will not be sorry with the Gamma.


04-05-2004, 04:16 AM
I didn't check the other posts because someone posted the same question I have asked some days ago.