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03-11-2005, 04:08 PM
there is a prestige classic on **** and the writing on the side seems different frm the newer models...the writing is gold and it says prestige classic 600 with the 600 in a larger size with sort of a slash through the 0's. it also has one of the plastic things that comes on older racquets above the grip. i was wondering how differently it plays from the newer ones (if at all) that have more white writing on the side saying prestige classic 600 in a smaller font. i was also wondering if the plastic thing above the grip can be removed. any input would be great. thanks

03-11-2005, 06:41 PM
Yes, the end cap may be removed, but then you'd have pallets that end abruptly, as well as you having to wrap the grip slightly shorter. You can slide it off after first taking off the butt cap and pallets, or perhaps cutting it with a box-cutting knife. You could then probably get the i.prestige-style pallets as a replacement since they are longer and sort of take the place of the PC end cap. It might be a good idea, as also the end cap helps secure the PC pallets somewhat. Why would you want to take off the end cap?

03-12-2005, 10:39 AM
dont necessarily want to just wanted to know if you could, because the newer PC's do not have them (like the ones on the**********.net). thanks for the feedback i appreciate it. do the racquets that have the endcaps feel or play any differently htan the PC's without the endcaps?

03-12-2005, 11:03 AM
Some people say yes, some people say no. I've never had a chance to hit the Classic Mid. You might want to do a search on this site, but personally, I wouldn't believe what I read about it here. It is, in essence, a question of feel, which is very subjective. Someone told me that the Classic Mid/i.prestige pallets are lighter than PC pallets, so perhaps Head had to modify the weight of the actual frames to make the finished product in line with the PC--I don't know. That might account for slight differences in feel, or it might not. Also, they were made during a different times as PC's, so perhaps that makes it more likely the frames are different, or not.

All I know about the Classic Mid is if the pallets are the same as the i.prestige's, which I'd guess they are, then they are even more oblong and have more rounded bevels than PC pallets. For that reason, I don't see any reason to play the Classic Mid, unless, of course, unlike me, you like those characteristics of the pallets. It would make two-handed shots easier.

I believe that place you mention actually has the Prestige Classic; their photo is just of the Classic Mid. You might want to ask them. Don't they have just one frame left, which is in some built-up grip size, all for $160.00, or am I thinking of someone else?

03-12-2005, 11:28 AM
they are for 160, yes, but im not sure whether or not they only have 1 left. what is the difference between teh classic mid and the PC? do all PC's have the end cap? i am quite confused b/c i thought the only difference b/w teh picture on the********** website and the one on **** currently at $53 w/ the endcap is that they were made at different times. please tell me more i am very confused; i have never even heard of the classic mid before; i just want a PC. thanks a lot

03-12-2005, 11:29 AM
also, what do you mean by pallets? thanks

03-12-2005, 03:27 PM
Any PC you will get, if you like it because you like it, regardless of what is written on the racket. If you have a chance to compare several frames from different production time, you might or not feel any difference, but it will not make the one you get to be an inferior frame than the others.

The grip handle shape of classic mid is less rounded than the one with end cap. I prefer the grip/pallette shape of the classic mid. You can replace the non-classic mid frame with the classic mid grip/pallette, and it will accomodate for 2 handers due to the absence of the end cap.

I hit with one of my classic mid this morning which strung with gut. I think it feels great too.

03-12-2005, 03:46 PM
thanks a lot. i appreciate it. is it possible to take off/replace the end cap to accomodate my 2 hander, and how would i go about doing so if it is in fact possible? any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated

03-12-2005, 06:08 PM
The hardest part is to take-off the pallette, because it most likely will break into small pieces. The glue is stronger than the pallette. The end cap will slide out easy once the pallette gone.

Get the racket first. The one on **** sold by this guy always in good condition. Several of my PC600 came from him.

03-12-2005, 06:42 PM
All PC's have an end cap. All Classic Mid frames have longer pallets in lieu of shorter pallets/end cap. If you see a picture of a frame that looks like a Prestige but with a longer handle, then it is probably of a Classic Mid. They used a mis-matched picture. In my opinion, they are also not worth $160.00, especially when you haven't even tried any PC at all. You can get great used frames through **** for much less. The guy in The Netherlands usually has some good stuff. If you get a PC and want a longer handle, you can take off its butt cap and pallets and install pallets that were made for the Classic Mid/i.prestige/LM Prestige(?). TW might have those pallets, but if so, you might have to send your frame to TW. Pallets are just the replaceable handle that is on some Head frames, the Prestige line being among them. To match your desired grip size, you just have to replace the pallets, not the frame--easy, but pallets can be hard to find. You might try wrapping an overgrip over the grip and end cap first.

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03-12-2005, 06:56 PM
Sorry to interupt the thread...
PrestigeClassic, I emailed you. If you did not get it please email me at sallay at gmail dot com

03-12-2005, 10:56 PM
I received the e-mail and replied.

03-13-2005, 09:16 AM
yea that makes sense. thanks for the great advice guys. the one on **** looks like the one for me b/c it's not very expensive. i agree, 160 bucks for a racquet i've never tried would be stupid. thanks again