View Full Version : Wilson Kblade Tour 93 For Trade With Dunlop Aerogel 4d 200

04-28-2009, 08:56 PM
I Have one Wilson Kblade Tour 93 in 4 3/8 grip. Strung with MSV Focus Hex & Gosen Sheep Micro. Played about 5 sets in great condition with some light marks on bumper. Rating 9.5/10 condition.

I am interested for trade with Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 ONLY. No Mfil, No Aerogel but 4D.

Contact tennislover33@hotmail.com

04-29-2009, 06:11 AM
Interested for trade with Yonex RDIS 100 Mid or Mid Plus as well.

04-29-2009, 06:01 PM
Racquet was traded. Thx.