View Full Version : Becker 11 Mids, RQIS Tour 1, Speedport Pro White, KZen MP

04-29-2009, 05:34 AM
Bought a few new frames so need to move some out:

2ea Becker 11 Mids, both 4-3/8 and both in excellent 9/10 condition with just some minor headguard wear, strung with synthetic - $110ea or $200 BOTH

1ea Yonex RQIS Tour 1 4-3/8, very nice 8.5/10 condition, strung with synthetic - $79

3ea Prince Speedport White Pro MP, all three are 4-3/8 grip. Two are in 8.5+/10 condition and one is 8/10 condition. All three strung with Prince ReCoil - $75ea or $200 for all three

2ea Wilson KZen MP both 4-3/8, both strung with MSV Focus Hex 17 at 58lbs. Both in solid 8/10 condition with just some light wear from normal play. Very underated stick - $55ea or $105 BOTH