View Full Version : Borg - would he have won Roland Garros in 1977 & 1982 ?

05-10-2009, 11:52 PM
Funny how politics gets in the way of records....

In 1977 Borg was barred from playing Roland Garros because he was playing in World Team Tennis. The other dominant player on clay that year was Vilas, who won Roland Garros and the US Open (which was on clay then, the last year of 3 years on clay).

Borg and Vilas played twice that year on clay and Borg won both times. He won 6 Clay Court titles that year.

So would he have won at Roland Garros if politics didn't get in the way? I think so.

Less political but Borg's choice - but in 1982 he was still easily good enough to be the favourite going into Roland Garros.

In 1982 Mats Wilander worked out with Borg beforehand and reported that Borg easily beat him in practice regularly. Mats of course went on to win Roland Garros.

Again I think Borg would have had Roland Garros in the bag.

I know, I know if's, and but's...... but you got to admit he would be a favourite for both those titles.

That would have made it 8 Roland Garros - wow.

05-11-2009, 12:02 AM
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