View Full Version : Easy draw vs Hard draw

05-25-2009, 06:10 PM
as obsessed as i am with following tennis, i'm still too busy to read all the posts on this topic...but has anyone brought up the thought that an easy draw can be a detriment? you all seem to think federer has an advantage with an easy draw. i thought it was last year when federer had an easy draw (or at least made it to the RG finals without struggling at all) and nadal had some tough matches...and then in the final it showed that federer wasn't in the mindset to fight for the win. he wasn't used to having to fight for it. seems like it might've helped him if he had some tougher matches going into it. i thought that's what happened last year at RG, but i could be mistaken.

personally, i hope federer wins because i'm a bigger fan of his than nadal's...but i also hope he doesn't waltz into the finals or semis with false confidence and lose because he's not on his toes.