View Full Version : Thoughts on Grass Court Tennis

06-07-2009, 02:01 AM
I thought of some points that could be instituted so that Grass Court tennis could again be a real surface that players could focus on, rather than just a novelty (being so few grass court events now).

1/ 4 week season between Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Make Roland Garros one week earlier and Wimbledon 1 week later. This would make this season a series time where players could earn substantial points. By the time Wimbledon rolled around players would be really hardened for Grass court play.

2/ Create a 'US Grasscourt Championships'. Good prizemoney event etc. Perhaps simply move Newport to a time before Wimbledon and rename it the 'US Grasscourt Championships'. Give the event some prestige so after some time it is regarded as a key event leading up to Wimbledon, similar to Monte Carlo's prestige in relation to Roland Garros.

3/ Have a grass Masters Level event. My initial thought was make Queen's a Masters Level event. However, (2) above could be a candidate.

4/ The final point is more debatable. I think the speed of the court should be half-way between the 90's speed and the current speed (which is too slow). Baseline slow court specialists get a chance of playing on Claycourts and specialising - so isn't it fair that fast court tennis players have a surface they can specialise on as well? The present surface is far too slow.

What are people's thoughts on these points?

vegeta SSJ4
06-07-2009, 02:47 AM
i agree - we have 3 courts, clay,grass,hard

clay - baselining,grinding - whatever you wanna call it

grass - big serves,powerplayers

hard - all games

i think that the grass should be sped up alittle, grass is still pretty fast, but definately much slower.