View Full Version : FS: Wilson K90-K95(16x18)-Microgel Prestige Pro [All L3 & 9+/10]!

07-06-2009, 01:50 AM
-K90 (Authentic wilson quality bought from TW)!
-Grip 4 3/8ths
-Condition 9+/10, hit a couple of balls... Simply too demanding!
-Strung [wilson stamina main 52 by big banger rough cross 50]
-Price $160 shipped [Just arrived thursday before July 4th]

-K Six One 95 (16x18)
-Grip 4 3/8ths
-Condition 9+/10, again hit a few balls, moving to the 18x20 version!
-Price $140 shipped

-Microgel Prestige Pro
-Grip 4 3/8ths
-Condition 9+/10, had for around a month minimal play on it
-Strung [big banger fluoro 58 by wilson stamina 62 cross]
-Price $130 shipped

[B]-please note all these racquets are in perfect cosmetic condition, all overgripped and head guard tape used!

-Will only ship in the continental USA, priority mail, I have good feedback look me up, email me with questions, thanks for looking... Willing to possibly trade for a K95 18x20 L3 or L4 in same condition and if possible can get the racquet strung for me only with someone that has good feedback on the forums!

email: rainblood81@hotmail.com

07-06-2009, 09:52 PM
For fast communication you can contact me on MSN live messenger, under the same email, I am usually online all the time so I can respond fast, again I am really just looking for Wilson K six one 95 18 by 20 pattern mostly interested in the 4 1/2 grip size but willing to look at 4 3/8ths in 9+ conditions only!

PS: my msn icon link is on your left side under my name!

email/msn: rainblood81@hotmail.com

07-07-2009, 08:41 PM
K90 has been sold...

K95 price reduction = $130 shipped
Microgel Prestige Pro = $125 shipped

Willing to trade both for Wilson K Six One 95 18x20 only with 9+ condition with perfect cosmetics like my sticks, grip size 4 1/2!