View Full Version : FH extention?

07-10-2009, 11:37 AM
when i hit a FH should my arms be extended out or tucked in? i was told by different people different things, some said to extend it out so you can get maximum power and flatness and some said to tuck in the elbow so the balls wont fly out and generate much more power and control

07-10-2009, 01:59 PM
Those are 2 different methods of hitting. The tucked in version is refered to as the double bend forehand, and the one where your elbow is straightened is a straight arm forehand. They're 2 different ways of hitting a forehand, so you can choose which one you like better or use them both in depending on the situations. They're both right, as long as you hit them the correct way and have different pros and cons.

Heres a couple pros and cons of each one.

Double bend:
Pros: Easier to learn, and a bit more forgiving (if you're not in correct position it's easier to deal with then straight arm), contact point is closer to you
Cons: Don't get as much spin and pace as a straight arm, not as much extension.

A couple of pros that use double bend forehands are (djokovic, Tsonga, & Roddick)

Straight arm:
Pros: More power and spin, more extension
Cons: Harder to learn, less forgiving, further out contact point.

A couple pro's that use straight arm forehand (seen used a couple of times atleast)- Federer, Nadal, Verdasco