View Full Version : FS: Head Pro Tour 630 (PT630); 4 3/8

07-12-2009, 06:41 AM
For sale is my last PT630. Made in Austria. Grip size is 4 3/8. Overall, the racket is in great condition, HOWEVER, there is a tiny PAINT crack at the throat that looks like the frame crack. It is definitely not the frame crack as I played with this racket for months and restrung it quite a few times. No issues at all, no increased vibrations. The previous owner played with the stick for a few years.

If interested, I can take pictures (once my camera arrives).

The racket has pretty much new TW leather grip (always had an overgrip on it). Full CAP.

Other than the paint crack I mentioned, overall condtion of the stick would be ~9/10.

Strung with the Gamma Professional 17g + Lux BB Power.

Strung Weight: 352g (12.4 oz)
Balance: 32.5 cm/0.7" HL (5pt HL)
SW: 348

Price: $100 shipped within the USA (USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation)

Any questions: dradic011@hotmail.com

Only possible trace would be the TGK238.1 (plus some cash from me)

Plenty of positive references on the Board!

07-13-2009, 08:01 AM
The racket is SOLD!