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07-15-2009, 05:17 AM
So i'm about 2 weeks out from beginning to start hitting again after wrist surgery. I had a small tear "cleaned and smoothed" not repaired and have been out for 6 weeks.

I'm wondering what recommendations you guys have, i've been playing with a few racquets the last couple years and never 100% comfortable so i'm not sure I want to play with what I have or start over

Here are the racquets i've progressed through over the last 3 years or so
prince chang TI midplus
bab PST +
prince POG LB
prince POG LB customized to 27.25
Tecnifibre Tfight 325(older version not vo2 max)

obviously i'm looking at more arm friendly racquets but i'm open to any company any racquet at this point....oh I have a long swing and play more doubles than singles but if i'm healthy I may end up playing more singles in the future and I play a baseline game in singles (3.5).


john whilesmith
07-15-2009, 05:30 AM

Was the wrist injury caused by playing tennis or something else? When people describe a racquet as "arm-friendly" they usually mean shoulder and tennis-elbow friendly. In terms of being "wrist-friendly", I would suggest you avoid the stiffer frames on the market, probably avoid extended length racquets, and use softer strings at lower tensions. However, to avoid a recurring injury, you should ask your doctor/rehab therapist for some wrist-specific exercises to strengthen that area.
Good luck!

07-15-2009, 06:08 AM
Thanks, and yes to my knowledge the injury was caused by tennis....i tried to rehab and rest without it getting better, had an MRI that was inconclusive and then finally opted to let the doc scope it...he ended up finding a tear.

I am in rehab right now and will continue for a few more months including what they call "throwers 10" to strengthen my elbow and shoulder even though they weren't directly injured i know they're all pretty related when it comes to this stuff