View Full Version : sweepspot Q's AG200 (18x20)

07-17-2009, 07:54 PM
This might be a noob question.. but i know people talked about how some racquet has small sweepspot, some has big sweepspot..
i know heavier frame has a bigger sweepspot than a lighter frame; a stiffer frame has a bigger sweepspot than a less flex frame.. etc.

so how come everyone is saying dunlop ag200 has a small sweepspot when it is the same headsize as the K95, almost the same weight.. etc

I know there is no way to 'calculate' sweepspot, it's all about feel, but really, why makes the difference?

I just got my hands on 2 AG200 (18x20), so any suggestion to make the sweepspot bigger besides putting lead on 3' and 9'? Also, what other customization you guys have done to make AG200 a better stick? Thanks