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08-19-2009, 01:28 PM
today i did a somewhat extensive test of 3 polys on the same racquet. on my first racquet i had SPPP and x-1 biphase. on my second i had ALU rough and x-1 biphase. and finally on the third i had Kirschbaum Proline II and Klip Armor Pro. it was not ideal because i think Armor Pro really affected the bed in a poor way. they were all strung at 58/60


the SPPP racquet felt good, good power and control, but lacked in spin compared to alu. the alu gave equal power to SPPP, but because of the increased spin and deadness, my balls were staying at the right depth every time. the alu let me swing my hardest and get the ball in, so overall it was more powerful. also, i liked the feel and crispness from alu, but i think thats an opinion. overall, alu/x1 is a must try hybrid to all, while SPPP remains something to experiment with. i recommend stringing SPPP lower than usual, i found it very tight and lacking some response at 58.

now to PL2.

here i felt a little awkward taking swings. when i connected, it felt great, but the average hit felt a little off. i attribute that to the stiffness of armor pro, which was kinda ruining the bed. it had control, or should i say lacked pop on all average hits, not to say it was bad. on the other hand, the comfort, power AND control of the bed came from the PL2. hopefully once the coating of the armor pro fades off ill get the nice feel and power im looking for.

overall ratings:

SPPP: 7.5/8 of 10

ALU: 9.5/10

PL2: not enough time with it yet, but so far 7/10

i think that PL2 will be an interesting try with X-1, seems like the perfect combo.

08-19-2009, 01:58 PM
I keep telling you, Murrmanfan, try MSV HEX! I hit with my racquet that has the X-1/ MSV HEX on Sunday and it felt really good. I might just stop testing polys and stay with the MSV!

08-19-2009, 05:04 PM
heh, you do keep telling me that. its the next on my list, i swear! i should be getting a stringer soon so then it wont be a biggy at all to switch. as of know ive been using a friends. im thinking im gonna get the alpha revo any recommendations?