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08-25-2009, 04:14 AM
Hi, Im looking for a new string and have only a few choices and would like your help in choosing!
so im an all court player, like to hit from the baseline, and i like to hit hard with spin and attack the ball, im looking for comfort as well as playablity.

I have choice between,
X-ONE Biphase 17
tecnifibire Black Code

or hybrid
xone/alu power
NRG2/black code
nrg2/ alu power

i cant play a full alu power seeing as it kills my arm. i usually string a poly at 50-52lbs so any help with tension would be appreciated :)
if there are any other hrbrids of the above that i havent mentioned that you likeplease say :)

thanks :)

roger is the king
08-25-2009, 08:30 AM
If you don’t like the mushy feeling of a multi…then hybrid..then your choices depend on people’s opinions or yours..but xone is the most gut-like performing string in the market at the moment..blend it with your poly.all i have to say

08-25-2009, 11:20 AM
If you don’t like the mushy feeling of a multi…then hybrid..then your choices depend on people’s opinions or yours..but xone is the most gut-like performing string in the market at the moment..blend it with your poly.all i have to say

ok thanks, i really like alu power, but havent tried black code, and was also wondering which one would be better to hybrid with xone?

08-25-2009, 11:24 AM
If you're looking for playability and comfort, use gut as main, and poly as cross...

08-25-2009, 11:31 AM
im gonna have to disagree with you there. you are contradicting yourself by saying full multi is mush and x-1 plays like gut. first off, if x-1 play like gut, and gut is crisp, how is it mush? x-1 is a great multi, but other multis like NXT and gamma pro play more like gut. if you want an outstanding feel and good spin power and control, you might want to go full x-1, thats currently what Djokovic is using to prove its playability.

now, if i were you, id hybrid x-1 with a poly. from what youve said about yourself, its probably not worth going for a cheap gut, as x-1 will be superior, or going for an expensive multi, as its not worth the money. x-1 is a great string for the price and its almost as good as all gut strings, and better than some. i dont see why you would think about using NRG2, its an inferior version of x-1. from the polys you suggested, i would recommend ALU power mains and x-1 crosses, it is an amazing hybrid, i currently use it on one of my sticks and it plays VERY close to the ultimate VS gut/Alu power hybrid. the only thing to take into account is once the ALU starts moving, which it will, it will start fraying the x-1. i dont know how hard you hit the ball, but for me it lasts about 10-15 hours.

i would use ALU before using Black code. although i enjoy black code, i like ALU more and for the most part, so does everyone else.

for other polys to try with x-1 you can try kirschbaum pro line II, a very nice crisp and powerful poly, and it works well taming the power of x-1 (currently my x-1 hybrid string because of its great durabiltiy and tension retention, along with its great power and control and good spin.) you can also try MSV hex, a favorite of one of the posters on this forum (supracool03) and SPPP is known to work well also.

i would recommend the polys in the mains on all of these, unless you want to try the feel of x-1, which you should try ATLEAST once.

08-25-2009, 11:38 AM
some posts to check out:




08-25-2009, 12:02 PM
thanks , i really cant afford natural gut either way!
and the other polys you have recommended arent really very popular out here in the UK and the strings i mentioned are the only ones my stringer has which are of any quality IMO and i wil start stringing myself in december, so i can look for other less popular strings here in the UK such as MSV and SPPP etc..
so thanks, i think i'll be going with the x1 alu power set up.

i have played for alu but it killed my arm, so what will the xone give to it?

also, im 14 but hit the ball hard with spin, i went through alu power in about 15 hours and PHT in 10.

how long will a lux/x1 hybrid last me?

08-25-2009, 12:10 PM
and by the way, i usually get a full alu power strung at 50.
what would be a good tension for a hybrid of x-1 and alu?

08-25-2009, 12:12 PM
would it be better to have alu rough or just alu smooth?
would either string affect durability?

thanks :D

08-25-2009, 12:26 PM
ok, im 17, so i see where your coming from. i am sure string popularity is different in the UK then here, but when you get a chance give those strings a try. they have all gotten great reviews and they all compare well to alu!

x-1 one will compliment alu by giving it a softer, crisper more playable feel. it will be better on your arm, and youll probably get more power, but not like flying out power. control and spin should be the same. when you hybrid something like that you get the best of both, and thats why its so commonly used.

i string with Rough just so i can get as much spin as i can because i might be losing a little bit with the hybrid. just smooth will be slightly more durable because it wont saw through the x-1, but i would still recommend Rough. i string my racquet at 58/60, you could maybe drop 2 pounds on both on that, but i like getting a good amount of control. if i go 10 percent lower on alu like recommended, my arm wont feel different, and i will end up with all this unwanted pop. ALU is meant for getting balls in that would normally go out, and that is only possible when it has the right amount of control and power. the beauty of the string is once you find the right tension with it, the extra spin will drop your balls and you can get your power from swinging fast because they wont sky-rocket. hope that helped.

08-25-2009, 12:36 PM
hi yeah thanks, as soon as i get my stringing machine for christmas :):) i will try all the favoured poly's and multis from the US because they are 3 times cheaper than the big brands over here (lux, tecnifibre, babolat and wilson).

i generally have always had my polys down at 50lbs so i am used to the pop and find anything tighter with a poly stiff and uncomfortable, but since i have been hitting harder and training more and more, my arm cant take a full poly. i also have a fairly stiff racket with added lead (Ksix one 95) which doesn help...

so i tihnk i'll try one x1 and alu smooth and one x1 and alu rough. so seeing as i usually string at 50, what should i string this hybrid at?

how long does the x1/rough hybrid last you?

08-25-2009, 01:05 PM
if you like the pop, i would go like 52/54 or 54/56, and if thats to much go for 56/58. remember if you find 52/54 stiff, why not got lower, there's nothing wrong with it. its all about trial and error. its rare you will find your perfect combination on your first try, i am still looking for mine :)

are you going to put x-1 in the crosses or mains? crosses i would assume. i think you will find you will like rough more, so i would try that first, but if you find the durability is to bad, don't be afraid to go to alu smooth. the rough/x-1 hybrid lasts me about 10-15 hours before the x-1 is totally frayed, after about 7-9 the rough is dead and it breaks about an hour later. keep in mind i might hit the ball harder than you, i know i kid whose 15 and he gets about 3 hours more on rough than i do. if i were you, id use it until something breaks and forget about the rough going dead and the x-1 fraying. the only other time to stop playing with it is when you dont like the way it plays anymore, which will happen. if you use smooth the smooth wont last any longer than the rough, but if the x-1 is what is breaking on you smooth would be a smarter choice because it wont rip the x-1 as much.

also, when i talk about hours i mean hours hitting the ball, if you play a match thats 3 hours long, you might only be hitting the ball for 30 of those minutes because of all the serving/walking.

another thing is that most polys will last longer than rough and be easier on x-1, so if you dont like the durability on smooth you can try another poly, but dont give up on x-1, its a superb string!

08-25-2009, 01:29 PM
ok thanks, i have two rackets, so i guess i'll get them both strung, one on rough and one on smooth. i thought the lux were the most durable? i'll just try them both. what effect does stringing the mains tighter or looser have? i usually just get them strung the same...?
i definately shall be going with the xone.. and probably stick with the lux seeing as from what i've played.. it is the best.

08-25-2009, 01:30 PM
oh and yes, i shall be putting x1 in crosses.. but what effect would it have in the mains? have you tried? whats better?


08-25-2009, 02:57 PM
yeah indeed i have tried. heres the difference. when they are in the mains you feel like your bed is more gut-like, and when alu is in the main it feels like an extremely soft poly/multi bed. people say that you get the majority of the string-bed from the mains. that means whatever string is in the mains that is what you will be feeling more of. it really depends on personal preference. i prefer the alu in the mains because when its in the crosses it makes the bad durability of the combo worse because the poly will saw into the soft x-1 more if they are in the crosses. also, i think i get more spin with alu in the mains, but the same amount of power and control. when its in the crosses the only upside is a different feel (some like it, some dont, i dont) and maybe a tad more playability, meaning shots feel a little crisper. in my opinion its something to try, you my like it, you may not, but keep in mind the durability factor.

be aware that nearly all pro tennis players use VS gut mains and alu power/rough crosses. this is obviously saying they like the feel and playability of the gut more, and of course, horrible durability does not effect them.

08-26-2009, 12:29 AM
thanks, it's an expensive hybrid, so i think i'll look for maximum durablity and keep the alu in mains.