View Full Version : Gustavo Kuerten Head pt57a paintjob

08-27-2009, 08:14 PM
Up for sale is a pt57a with a liquidmetal radical paintjob, it has a head calfskin leather grip, is in 9.5/10 condition ( some small scuffing on the bumperguard is all), and was professionaly strung with alu power in the mains and natural gut in the crosses at 57lbs. The spec is the same as guga kuerten's, although guga had a different handle/grip.
The grip size of the frame is 4 , unstrung mass is 350 grams, unstrung swingweight 344 kgxcm2, BALANCE IS 32.4 cm./324 mm./6pts.HL. It plays exceptionally well, and the plow through is quite amazing with it, although it is too heavy for my 116lb 5'6" body.

I am asking $430 shipped.

Email me at ASV31692@Gmail.com if interested. Thanks