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08-28-2009, 06:05 AM
http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/3393/img0209yde.jpg (http://img194.imageshack.us/i/img0209yde.jpg/)
Prince EXO3 Graphite MP - $105 shipped CONUS
-Grip 4 1/4, Brand new Prince Resipro Replacement Grip
-7.5/10 Condition
-Slight scratches on first layer of paint, brand new replacement string hole grommets
-This is a Prostock racquet - it's 27.5" with 100" head
-Strung w/ Eagnas Perfect Spin 16g
***Rest Of The Pics*** (http://img194.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img0209yde.jpg)

http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/3946/img0179jyk.jpg (http://img39.imageshack.us/i/img0179jyk.jpg/)
Prince Tour Team 12 Racquet Bag - $30 shipped CONUS
-9/10 Condition
-Barely used, brought it and decided I didn't need a 12 bag
***Rest Of The Pics*** (http://img39.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img0179jyk.jpg)

Price as listed if items sold separately. If bought together I am willing to do $120 shipped within CONUS. Let me know at v.nguyen2219 @gmail.com if your interested.

08-28-2009, 09:02 AM
By a Prostock racquet you mean it was made 27.5" long by the manufacturer? How have the other specs changed?



08-28-2009, 12:40 PM
By a Prostock racquet you mean it was made 27.5" long by the manufacturer? How have the other specs changed?



Robert other than the length no other specs are notes on the racquet. I have to assume that the swing weight will be greater than that of the std but I am not 100% sure. I'll post the weight later but the string pattern remains the same.


08-29-2009, 08:38 AM
Would you check the weight and the balance point? Thanks!


09-04-2009, 11:38 AM
Price and Specs Update:

Racquet only - $100 shipped
Racquet + 12 Bag - $110 shipped

Racquet Specs:
Head Size - 100"
Length - 27.5"
Wt - (unstrung) 312gm
Balance - ~6 pts HL

11-11-2009, 04:46 PM
interested in buying the bag, email me at mtnn228@yahoo.com please, thanks.

11-11-2009, 05:31 PM
i wanna buy your bag, email me at mtnn228@yahoo.com thanks

11-11-2009, 07:47 PM
im ready to buy the bag if you're willing to sell, my messages keep deleting

11-23-2009, 12:58 AM
I'm interested in buying your extended graphite. Let me know if it's still available. E-mailing me at karlatucsd@hotmail.com is best. Thanks

11-23-2009, 07:01 AM
Both bag and racquet have been sold sorry for the delayed update. Thanks for the interest.

11-23-2009, 10:40 PM
Darn but no worries... mind if I ask how abouts did you get an extended version? I love extended or longbody racquets. I hope that they release a longbody version of the EX03 Graphite 100 because I would switch in a second...