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RD 7
08-28-2009, 08:40 AM
Rather than destroy the flow of a pre-existing thread, I've created an over-flow space for comments that fall outside of the OP's question.

From:"Socialism vs. Capitalism". Response to #36

Without the Federal Reserve the US wouldn't be in this mess, period.

Ageeed. I would add: Politically controlled Fed, i.e., once the centralized power exists, politicians can't keep their hands off.

George pressured Greenspan to keep rates low so he could create a prosperity bubble -- and thus achieve his political goals. [See Greenspan's book; they had a very specific strategy, and it involved funneling housing wealth into a dying economy (one that lacked the fundamentals to drive consumption). This is why Greenspan was pushing subprimes hard, very hard. Washington needed the Housing and Derivative ATM to feed the people candy in order to create space to achieve policy goals. Iraq & "The Ownership Society" are indelibly linked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNqQx7sjoS8 . Go to 4:37, especially good. George used manufactured housing wealth to cover-up what Iraq and the consequent broken oil market was doing to the economy. He used housing wealth like Clinton used the .com IPO's and Obama used the Stimulus, to control the economy from Washington for narrow political goals]

And before you go crucifying George, consider:

If he loses in 2004, than he loses control of the War, and all the Republican money loops, stemming from deep partnerships with the likes of Enron's Kenny Boy Ley or AIG's Hank Greenberg (who Spitzer tried to bring down, until they got him with the Patriot Act http://www.alternet.org/module/printversion/132547/?type=blog ). Please research these relationships, and how the justice department was used to hunt political enemies, like in the old Soviet Union . . . (and, for good measure, throw Larry Silverstein into the mix). You will discover a tangled web. More broadly, though, it was a massive insider edifice of looting: Worldcom, Adelphia, HealthSouth, Enron, Etc. America was rolled my friend, by a corporate-political juggernaut that is larger and more centralized than anyone realizes. The fraud was concentrated, politically enabled, and beyond belief http://www.forbes.com/2002/07/25/accountingtracker.html 8 years of pure looting that continues to this day.

If you want to fight a war and enact corrupt policies on behalf of your supporters -- polices which the destroy the economy & the future -- than you have no choice but to dump fear and liquid on the people. Had America had a genuine Free Market Conservative in office from 2000-2008, the Empire would not be on its last leg, IMHO.

Bush was no Conservative. He was a Big Business lackey who sold our country down river. Obama has changed nothing.

The Bush-AIG web is tangled indeed...

America was looted. The money is gone.

(and it ain't coming back)

RD 7
08-28-2009, 09:37 AM
Money collects around master power levers. The key is not to have centralized levers.

RD 7
09-16-2009, 10:23 AM
At some point we have to consider addressing the monopoly of political options in Washington. If the major parties don't have genuine competition, they are spared market discipline. They can serve any interests they like without fear of losing their top-2 status.