View Full Version : a midsize (18 mains) with a symetrical upper and lower hoop

08-30-2009, 11:24 PM
right, so i've spent the last yer or so demoing a modern replacement for the dunlop max 200g. its hard. anyone who has played with one can attest.

but so far i the best candidates that i have played with were the MG Prestige and the VE T10. i always try new frames with a consistent string and wieght set up so as to keep it unbiased but the damn part of the equation i can not fix is the shape of the head.

with the VE T10 i find myself having to adjust to the lowered sweetspot on the frame. its great for the 1HBH and all, but my forehand and serve goes down the crapper.

with the MGP i find myself having to adjust to the raised sweetspot due to the much more prominent upper hoop. i can get more topspin on the forehand but i can not swing as wildly for a flatter shot with the MGP. hitting a topsping CC short-angled backhand is completely out of the question for me. it just felt so unmaneuverable. it was the same with the wilson rok but even worse. definately failed to replicate a prestige.

so does anyone know of a flexible middy that has a more symetrical/generic head size (preferably with 18 mains). im trying to find a hot melt 100g but even that thing looks like it has a huge upper hoop. i wish they'd just make a tour 90 with 18 mains.

08-30-2009, 11:28 PM
NXG Graphite Mid? Has the round Prince headshape and is 18x20

08-30-2009, 11:33 PM
all prince frames have huge upper hoops my man. i tried the nxg ms and was really disappointed by the hollow feel. even went i hit a clean winner it felt weird