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08-31-2009, 11:55 AM
I've got a few Gamma players frames for sale:

Gamma T-7 4/12, 8.5/10:
Recently restrung with Forten Sweet 17g at 60lbs. Strings have literally, about 10 min of use. That's all. About 8g of lead tape under the grip -- can be removed easily.

This is a really great, soft-feeling, low powered frame. I'm also sad to give it up, b/c it's been good to me, but it's time for me to move on to something slightly different.

Asking $65 + shipping

Gamma Tour 330X 4 3/8, 9.5/10:
Practically brand new. I have put a different grip on it (Prince something or other), but other than that it's in stock form. Strung with Forten Sweet 16g at 59 mains and 57 crosses.

Asking $85 + shipping

Gamma Tour 330X 4 3/8, 8.5/10
Also in great shape. I bought it used, but it was practically new when I bought it. Just a few minor paint scuffs. This one has a heat shrink sleeve making the grip size 4 1/2, but it can be removed easily. Strung with Head Sonic 17g in the mains at 57 and Forten Sweet 16g in the crosses at 60.

Asking $80 + shipping

The 330X is also a really nice frame, but it's more powerful than the T-7 and a lot less flexible. Too stiff for my taste.

Contact me at sstchur(at)live(dot)com

Be sure to replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with .

Photos available upon request.


09-02-2009, 08:57 AM
One of the Gamma 330Xs has been sold.

Still available:
Gamma T-7
Gamma Tour 330X (4 3/8, built up to 4 1/2, but can be removed easily)

Prices negotiable.