View Full Version : Hair product help.

09-08-2009, 06:36 PM
im looking to keep my hair spiky for more than 5 hours but it is imposible with the mush i use it lasts for like 30 mins what do i use to keep it good should i use alot of it with a combination of hairspray?

09-08-2009, 07:16 PM
I don't know why you'd want your hair to be hard and crispy, but I suggest Aussie Instant Freeze followed by Aussie Sprunch. It is affordable and your spikes won't move until the next time you wash it.

09-08-2009, 07:28 PM
Oh god ha. I hope for your sake that you don't find something that can do this.

09-08-2009, 07:29 PM
be like me and buzz your head. It makes getting ready for something really easy. I wake up and bam im done.

09-08-2009, 07:55 PM
epoxy .. ?

09-08-2009, 08:04 PM
probably depends on how thick your hair is and what texture it is. finishing off with hairspray always helps

09-08-2009, 08:28 PM
Try Fudge, it's pretty good.

09-08-2009, 08:41 PM
Paul Mitchell tea tree wax. will hold your hair all day and not feel crunchy and hard.

09-08-2009, 11:43 PM
Have you considered electrocuting yourself in some manner?

i love t3nn1s
09-09-2009, 12:07 AM
get this... i use it when i play tennis, and it still holds after im done. pretty strong stuff depending how much you use

they sell it at local CVS or Ralphs or Vons or whatever you have where you live


09-09-2009, 05:36 AM
one for the buzz cut. you don't have to comb your hair!

09-09-2009, 05:41 AM
A wig? :)

But seriously, post a pix so we can see how your project turns "up". :)


09-09-2009, 11:24 AM
Go for some hairspray along with Gatsby Wax or Clay.

09-09-2009, 11:33 AM
I know this sounds off the wall, but I'm serious. Elmer's glue. People use it in their Mohawks, and you can also use the colored glue and put it in extra thick so it shows up. As to be expected though, it takes some time to wash out, usually you apply it for a couple days at a time. (Look it up and see if you can find some more info on it)