View Full Version : Is my aeropro drive cortex real?

Darth Federer
09-08-2009, 07:23 PM
http://<img src=http://ruliweb6.nate.com:8080/ruliboard/gup/img_link7/333/332977_1.jpg>
http://<img src=http://ruliweb6.nate.com:8080/ruliboard/gup/img_link7/333/332977_3.jpg>
http://<img src=http://ruliweb6.nate.com:8080/ruliboard/gup/img_link7/333/332977_4.jpg>
http://<img src=http://ruliweb6.nate.com:8080/ruliboard/gup/img_link7/333/332977_7.jpg>

i bought this racket on **** for 90 dollar from auction...
the seller said it was used one so the price was that low...
As i was playing, i felt this racket to be quiet different from my friend's aprdc....
Maybe because it's +version but yeah....
could you guys tell me if i bought fake aprd??

Darth Federer
09-08-2009, 07:24 PM
<img src=http://ruliweb6.nate.com:8080/ruliboard/gup/img_link7/333/332977_1.jpg>