View Full Version : Audi expected to release Electric Vehicle in Sept; Exclusive Info + Pic

09-09-2009, 08:35 PM
On September 15th, Audi is going to introduce a new electric vehicle to its lineup. The viral website is called "Electricity Untamed" and the link is:

http://www.audiusa.com/us/brand/en/exp/progress.html#source=http://www.audiusa.com/us/brand/en/exp/progress/electricityuntamed.html?csref=inin_electricityunta med&container=layerModal

Many websites confirm this; here is an example:


The website mentions that it will be a electric version of the R8. I did a little bit of research on Audi's website and found a picture which is the new electric vehicle that they are coming out with. I will post the picture soon enough... I'm having trouble with the format.

Here is the Normal R8