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09-10-2009, 04:44 PM
This is for discussing the 09-10 NFL season. I'll have a poll up soon.

National Football League action started a couple seconds ago, Titans-Steelers are opening the season. No score yet.

09-10-2009, 05:18 PM
OK, I'll start:

1) That phantom pass interference call just gave them another first down. That's what I'm talkin' about.

2) That phantom holding call just negated that big play. Whew!! Lucky!!

3) That roughing the passer call (because you came within 10 yards of Brady) just gave them a first down. How dare they touch these guys.

4) That "great" QB scramble was good for 20. Amazing!! I love watching the QB run. I hope to see more "Wildcat" this year too.

5) Good thing they didn't call offensive pass interference (as if they ever would). Touchdown!!

6) Prevent defense. Great idea. If we hold them for 20 every time, it will take them at least 4 plays to score.

09-10-2009, 05:45 PM
I hate Chris Collinsworth.


09-10-2009, 06:48 PM
Eagles=most versatile offense of the NFL; however, defense will be above average. I expect Eagles to go 10-6, though division..

09-11-2009, 03:23 AM
Great win last night by the Steelers. Too bad Polamalu sprained his MCL.

09-11-2009, 12:48 PM
Alright, so I can't post my poll because we only have 10 options, so who's your team? I have DA BEARS.

And the Steelers got a strong win yesterday.

09-11-2009, 01:41 PM
So glad the season finally started!. sadly I missed the game last night, but I bet that my Steelers will be playing on january once again :)