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09-13-2009, 09:51 AM
civilized in terms of your day to day to interactions with people in general, compared to the 2000's? I may not be old enough to make an educated assessment but I wonder whether there was as much hate as is seen today with just about any topic, social issue, etc.? Just lurking on these forums for many years, I've seen many attacks for just about any issue/player and I feel this is a microcosm of my day to day life at work, etc. Just curious what you all think, based on your experience. Any change in society by decade for the worse?

09-13-2009, 10:09 AM
I think so. The kids these days also seem more spoiled and less respectful than we were (I'm a 90s kid, so I can't comment entirely). I think part of it is technology evolving, so more people are aware, and others opinions are on display more often, but I would say that people these days are more belligerent than in the past. Just my $0.02

09-13-2009, 10:43 PM
Just some impressions...
It could be a lack of rules. We have less rules now than before probably.
we have rules, when we feel to belong to a community, so that we feel bound to behave in a certain way.
But this feeling seems weaker now. It seems to me that capitalism has finally managed to weaken democracy in many countries and to avoid any effective form of control. During the last years, it has been more like the old far west, than an actual democracy. The process started at the beginning of the 80s, probably (Reagan, Thatcher?). But we're facing the effects mostly now.

it seems to me that capitalism legitimates an absolute individualism, so that people tend to consider rules and limits like mere obstacles and to refuse them. And if the main goal is the economic profit, why have we to care about manners?
Besides, less rules mean less defences for weaker people, so that, while some people is even more rich now than before, the standard of living is worst for much more people now. So more people feel alone, frightened, desperate, but even angry now. And, if you live in those conditions, it becomes difficult to care about others.