View Full Version : Babolat APDC - Babolat Team Line 9 pack Bag (9+/10)!

09-15-2009, 12:34 AM
Babolat APDC (Nadal)
Grip - 4 1/2 (Base grip removed, brand new Prince ResiPro on it)
Condition - 9.0 of 10 there are 2 tiny chips on ONE side at 3 and 9 o clock from a stringing machine, the bumper guard is in mint condition and the rest of the frame is flawless / perfect.
String - It's the 1st string job on the racquet and has not been played much at all, it's strung with ALU Big Banger Rough 16 @ 58 pounds.

Babolat Team Line 9 Pack (Thermoguard bag)
-I purchased the bag with the racquet both are from (TENNIS WAREHOUSE) including the racquet so they are 100% Authentic.
-Condition is 9.5 of 10, you can look it up on TW it comes exactly how I got it which includes a Separate shoe / wet-dry bag.
-Here is a video of the bag from TW[ http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/video/BPP4RT9vid.html?pcode=BPP4RT9 ]

I am trying to sell the bag + the racquet as a combo for $170 shipped, or willing to sell them as singles (racquet - $135 shipped) and bag ($40 shipped)!

email: rainblood81@hotmail.com