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09-16-2009, 09:48 PM
I have two gently used Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 frames in FANTASTIC condition for sale, and both include original Wilson black PS racket covers. Purchase individually for $75 ea, OR the pair for $125 FIRM. Please -- no haggling. This is a reasonable price for these vintage frames in the condition they're in with original bags. $9.95 shipping to continental U.S. via USPS Priority Mail.

Manufacturer Specs:
4 5/8 grip size
95 inch head size
16x18 string pattern
Dynamic strung weight of 12.6 oz.
27-inch length
11 points head light balance
Swingweight: 326
Stiffness: 72 (stiff! stable)
Beam: 22mm
80% Graphite / 20% Kevlar construction
Power Level: Low (so says the manufacturer, but most disagree)
Swing Speed: Fast

Near-new Wilson Sponge grips.
Original Wilson authentication labels.

One racquet strung with 17-gauge Techifibre X1 Biphase -- should be restrung.
One racquet strung with 17-gauge Gamma Professional -- plenty of play life left, average string tension of apx 49 lbs on the crosses and 57 lbs on the mains.

FANTASTIC condition, with just a little scuffing on the head guards (from the previous owners -- I've kept them covered with head guard tape). No chips, cracks, or defects otherwise.

I purchased these frames in 08 from a seller on this board, used them a few times each during practice sessions. Otherwise, they've been sitting in my closet so they deserve to be played by someone who appreciates their unique characteristics and who'll use them.

Buyer Beware -- If you're looking for a practical, all-around frame for recreational tennis THIS ISN'T IT. It's HEAVY and requires early stroke preparation as well as plenty of muscle to move effectively. Yeah, it's great when you really connect with it -- like hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat -- but not a lot of fun for the average player, especially in a long match.

Digital photos and more info are available by email request: cal.lending (at) gmail.com.

09-24-2009, 10:21 AM
both frames sold on 9-23-09.