View Full Version : Air zoom thrive 2 feedback

02-22-2004, 09:10 PM
Anyone have any comments on the thrive 2's. I'm looking to buy new tennis shoes, and I only go with nike for some reason, and I won't get anything else (cept adidas for clay this summer, but forget that for now). Anyways, I loved my air court motion intls, they felt so good, but they obviously wore out kinda quickly. I got resolve's, and even though they aren't as comfy as the motions, they still feel good and were pretty durable, they've lasted me like 2 months so far, which I assume is good. I was gonna buy 2 new pairs of resolve (I can get one for like $50 somewhere, one here for $80 or whatever), but I think the thrives could be a good choice too. Any opinions on their durability and comfort?

Of course I want to get breathes, and I found some on sale, but didn't buy them in time, and they aren't worth the $100 for a month of shoe.