View Full Version : Tennis shoe options for my troublesome foot.

09-25-2009, 08:35 AM
So I played a ton of soccer in high school and ran long distance (8+ miles). Competed in my first marathon. Anyway long story short I got a stress fracture in my leg that ended my D1 scholarship. 4 years later and im a senior in college. The stress fracture healed but as my body has become less "nimble" I need special orthodic inserts to be able to run (i do triathlons now) without pain.

Now for the question. I can't wear shoes with a lot of support which is essentially the point of a tennis shoe. They don't flex latteraly which hurts me the next day.

I have been using running shoes to play because they allow my foot to move how it wants and they flex side to side instead of locking my foot in. Anyway I have currently been trying asics gel resolution II's which I read are very comfortable. They still hurt so im looking to see if there are any options out there for someone like me. Im burning through running shoes.