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04-11-2005, 08:11 AM
Friend of mine, 43, sent this to me. He played the number one guy in his club the other day and here is his poetic play by play:

so you want to know
how well I did
did I tell you I was playin'
a 24 year old kid?

my knees were a creakin'
my shoulder was a mess
at 42 I'm not as quick
as youngsters, I confess

So I had to use
my head and my heart
my racquet my sword
my serves were like darts

i made the kid run
back and forth, side to side
after about an hour
I think he was trying to hide

and with one last breath
and a swing of my stick
it was all over
he was dead quick

So I pumped my chest
and walked away glad
untili I heard him mutter
"I just got beat by my grandad!"

Thought you guys would enjoy this

Kaptain Karl
04-12-2005, 07:34 AM
That's great!

There's a 19 year old right below me on our Town Ladder. It drives him CRAZY that he cannot beat me ... and it nearly KILLS ME to beat him. He's playing for a good college team now ... which is part of the reason I've been in the gym so much this winter.

We may be a step or two slower; but we're a whole lot more crafty/cunning/treacherous...!

- KK