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The article is pretty huge but a treat for Federer fans nonetheless. :D
The quotes are great.Really good stuff.



Quotes from Roger’s colleagues. While some may say that this is the result of the Federer PR machine at work, I doubt they have this much sway over these many people. Maria Sharapova is a good example of how having a “machine” won’t keep other players from running their mouths. I’d also point out that these people are the ones who see Federer 24/7 rather than just reading his pressers or watching him on tv. But what do they know, right?

He’s probably the most talented person to ever carry a racquet around—the shots that he can come up with, the way he’s kind of become a totally complete player. But I think off the court, it’s huge. There have been a lot of good champions, but he’s just classy. He is never high and mighty in the locker room or anything like that. — Andy Roddick

I have to say, a really nice moment today was walking onto the practice court and walking past a sitting Roger Federer, who was on the court right next to me. I walked by him and he said hi, which he does all the time. He is so sweet and I put my hand out and congratulated him on winning the French Open. He responded with thanks very much. I have played on this tour for 20 years and I have to say, he is without question one of the nicest and most genuinely classy guys you could ever meet. — Rennae Stubbs( A doubles player I think :wink:)

Everybody says that, when he was young, he was unable to control on a court. It’s bloody true. I saw him often, in that age. In my eyes, his adult serenity now is a unique transformation in the history of sport. Everybody also says that he’s a very approachable person. Once again I confirm: he at once puts you at ease. One can only feel near to him. Everything’s easy with him. During last Roland Garros, I wanted to make a pleasure for a friend and give him a memory from Roger after my match against him. He at once gave me his t-shirt from the match. He’s like that, Roger. — Paul-Henri Mathieu

The most pleasant player on a human level? No doubt at all. Roger Federer. He’s elegant on and off the court, a fine ambassador for tennis. — Fabrice Santoro

But I mixed with him a little bit when I was working with Gael (Monfils) in the juniors. One day, in Roma, we met him, he was wearing a tracksuit with a big number 2. I told him, ‘This is not the right number’ and he answered laughingly, “It is, on clay, it’s the right number.” — Olivier Delaitre

More to come...

Enjoy guys.
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Maybe we should rename [the ATP Sportsmanship Award], say ‘Roger, here it’s your turn.’ He’s just a tremendous guy and has done so much for the game. And you know the great thing about (the award) is that it’s voted by the players. — Stefan Edberg, for whom the award is named

Roger in the locker room is I think pretty unique in terms of players of his stature. I have several friends who are still playing on tour full time. They talk about Roger minutes before he’s playing a grand slam semi final. They’ll still be there playing doubles, and he’ll be listening to their ipods and asking them what their favorite new songs are. And this is literally minutes before he’s going out to play a prime time semi final grand slam match. . .Roger just has this very light energy around him. He’s not a tortured artist by any means. He’s someone who loves being around the courts. Loves hanging around tennis, loves talking tennis, loves being in this world. And it’s this very special lightness of being that I think the other players marvel at because he doesn’t show any mercy when he plays. But he knows how to make people feel comfortable around him. And for many, many years there were champions whose M.O. was to make everybody else uncomfortable. So it’s a very different energy that he brings to the table. — Jim Courier(before the semi-final during this year's AO I think..)

Quite many people find Roger too ‘smooth.’ For me it’s the exact opposite, my picture is one of a very clowny guy, very much teasing but nice. When he was with Peter Lundgren, they made a huge mess in the locker-room! They spoke loud, willingly, boxed against each other, provoked people …It was a competition who would be the silliest. When you had to concentrate in your own match, you’d better go elsewhere…This year in Madrid, a quarter of an hour before his semifinal against Del Potro, I was eating quietly in the players’ lounge. Roger saw me and immediately started to tease me. A half-smile, he imitated my forehand, started to walk his bottom staying back, because I’m arched, etc. He still has an impish look, mischievousness deep inside him. — Arnaud Di Pasquale (beat Federer in the bronze medal match in Sydney Olympics 2000)

A note by the writer after this quote-
I bet people will twist this guy’s words and say “OMG, ROGER WAS MOCKING A CRIPPLE ( :lol:)

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When Roger came in the juniors, everybody wanted to play against him. It meant a nearly certain victory. In the beginning he grumbled all the time. In German. As he also spoke French, one day I told him, ‘Shout in French, at least I’ll have a laugh.’ One day, he beat me 6-3 6-2. After the match I told him, “How is it that you don’t win more often? You still have a very easy game. It’s simple for you, it’s serve and forehand and it’s done.” Three years ago, I met him in the players’ lounge in Roland Garros, in the morning before his final against Nadal. He remembered my words and told me, “You told me serve and forehand, I will try.” He always has a great contact with us, the French. He always asks our news. It’s still nice, considering what he became. — Julien Jeanpierre (second in the world junior rankings in 1998 behind Federer)

This year, one hour before the final in Roland Garros, I was in the locker-room with doctor Montalvan. I met Roger who was preparing there, and we spoke for 10 minutes. Frankly, I found him bloody relaxed. He asked me how I was and I gave him news about my shoulder. He took time to listen to my answers and wished me good luck. He was very natural, very relaxed … his attitude was in sharp contrast with this of S÷derling. — Sebastian Grosjean

I have tremendous admiration for Roger Federer. Like so many other former champions, I was delighted to see him finally win the French Open last weekend to complete his set of majors. There is so much to respect: his focus, his competitiveness, his athletic ability. He is a credit to our sport, a true champion. — Margaret Court

Q: You’re going to face Federer in the semifinal. Quite a few players and tennis fans would like Roger to win this tournament because it’s the only Grand Slam he hasn’t won yet. Do you also feel that way, if you were to face him in the next round?

Juan Martin Del Potro: We feel the pression of the fans, everybody want Roger to win this tournament. But if I can’t do ‑‑ if I can’t win this tournament, I want to see next Sunday Roger with the trophy.

Who would you love to play mixed doubles with?

Marion Bartoli: Roger Federer. He always says hi. He’s really friendly. I love him but I would get really nervous if I had to play with him.

Who’s your sporting idol?
E. Dementieva: Roger Federer.
Who would be your ideal partner for mixed doubles?
E. Dementieva: Roger Federer. I’ve played against him before in an exhibition match in Hong Kong.

Some more to come :D

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Do you sense or do the players kind of talk about even the sense of a different persona about Roger now at all?
JAMES BLAKE: You know, I’ve always felt Roger is a very laid-back guy, about as nice as can be in the locker room. I don’t think it’s changed. You know, it’s really a refreshing thing to see the top guys in our sport being such nice guys. Roger, you see Rafa in the rocker room, you see Andy, both Andys, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick. I really don’t know if there was ever a time — obviously I’ve never been involved in any other era of the sport — but I don’t know of any sport or any era where you’ve got those kind of personalities, those kind of, you know, talents being that great of guys. I think we’re lucky in that regard. But I don’t think Roger has changed at all.

Also, after Blake came back from his neck injury in 2004, he played against Roger in the 2006 Indian Wells final and he mentioned that Roger was the only person on the tour who had called him up to see how he was

I'm not including the whole thing btw-Its too big.just most of quotes and some parts I thought that stood out.

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wikipedia hasnt been updated yet..many of these quotes are recent.

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When we see each other at a tournaments we always have a nice chat. He’s great guy. He always, you know, gives me sometimes a nice advice. It’s great, because he achieved so much. — Ana Ivanovic
incidently Ana also said she cried tears of joy when Roger won this year's French Open.

Well, it’s just we know each other for how many years? Since ‘94. We didn’t play in the juniors, but we saw each other. We had some great matches. I was close a couple times. We grew up together. He started a little bit later than me. I respect him as a tennis player, as a person. He’s just very close ‑‑ let’s put it this way: very close colleague of mine. — Marat Safin

I got on well with Carlos Moya, the Spaniard. And, even though everybody got on badly with him, I got on very well with Hewitt. Also with Federer. In my opinion, the two best of the circuit, on a human level, are Guga Kuerten and Federer. Guga is fantastic, always perfect with everybody. And Federer is tops. He has everything, he is a star and a real good guy. We talk a lot. About all sorts of things, about football, about life. For example, in Paris he booked the Crillon Hotel (the best in town) for me, so we could be together. His girlfriend made the booking for me. — Gaston Gaudio

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The other thing with Federer is, he’s so nice. He always—OK, maybe not always—talks to me when we’re at an event. Last spring I had ovarian cyst surgery, and he was so sweet to me when he saw me, asking me how everything was. – Ashley HarkleroadThe other thing with Federer is, he’s so nice. He always—OK, maybe not always—talks to me when we’re at an event. Last spring I had ovarian cyst surgery, and he was so sweet to me when he saw me, asking me how everything was. – Ashley Harkleroad

One thing I remember clearly from the interview: Roger Federer was in the locker room, watching the scoreboard, and he noticed Ilhan’s name. Discovering that he was the first player from Turkey ever in a major, Federer introduced himself and wished Ilhan good luck. Ilhan told me it was a highlight of his [2009 US Open] experience. – Tennis World

For those who havent read/dont know..this is an incident from 2005

Federer y Nadal antes de su semifinal en Roland Garros (2005)
Basel (Switzerland) – Two sharp but discrete knocks on the door of room 449 in a luxury hotel in Basel. Rafael Nadal, world number two, opens the door. “Hola, Rafa!” Roger Federer says to him. “Eh…! Hola, how are you?” replies Nadal, almost unable to believe that it is the world number one that is there.

Federer, recovering from an injury and on his first day without crutches, had decided to pay a surprise visit to his young rival, the man with whom he shares the domination of world tennis. Nadal had arrived in Basel an hour earlier to dine with the organisers of the local tournament, from which he had to retire because of tendinitis in his knees.

“Roger phoned me and asked me where Rafa was staying,” explained Vittorio Selmi, the ATP tour manager. When I told him which hotel, he said right off: ‘I’m on my way there’. “

Federer lives in Basel, which made the meeting easier, although there are not many sports where the number one has such an open frank relationship with his closest rival. The Swiss is the indisputable leader but Nadal, after a marvellous season, has equalled his eleven titles in 2005.

The Spaniard had just won the Masters Series Madrid on Sunday night, one of the most important victories in his career, when his phone vibrated signalling that he had a SMS. “Hola, hombre! Rafa, bueno tenis y Madrid! Muchos contento Rogelio por te”. The message in a mixture of Spanish and Italian had been written by Federer to congratulate the Spaniard for his triumph in Madrid. Nadal is in the habit of calling Federer “n˙mero uno” or Rogelio, and the Swiss has obviously taken the nickname well.

Contact was resumed on Monday night. They were not able to talk for more than twenty minutes because Nadal had tournament obligations to complete. But Federer had time to ask him about how things had gone the previous week in Madrid. “It was very hard, I thought I was going to lose for most of the match,” the Spaniard confessed to the Swiss in more than acceptable English.

Federer took off his shoe and showed Nadal the state of his ankle, still very swollen after the torn ligaments he suffered ten days ago. There was one topic that could not be forgotten – football! Federer once again lamented the fact that he had not been able to play in Madrid and had had to postpone his long awaited meeting with his childhood idol the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

“Are you going to go to Shanghai?” Nadal asked. Federer smiled: “I’m doing all I can. Next week I’ll start to run a little, and then I’ll try to play some tennis.” “There is a glimmer of hope,” said Selmi, thinking of the Masters Cup that begins November 13.

There was no time for any more. Nadal dashed off to the dinner – where he left a great impression speaking English much more fluently than he does in his press conferences – and Federer stayed and dined at the hotel. It was midnight when they met again, one on the way to bed and the other on the way home. They greeted one another again and once again wished each other good luck: the number one and the number two want to continue their conversation in Shanghai.

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Thats it for the quotes.The writer later goes on to talk about the Pizza parties Roger throws for ball boys in Basel every year. :D

He then takes up the Tokyo blog Roger wrote in 2006.Hilarious and worth reading just in case you havent read.You can find it on RF.com..
Those who havent read are in for a really fun reading time..

I'll post some interesting parts of the blog

The other night I played a joke on Mirka and put a lot of wasabi (the very strong green paste) underneath a piece of her sashimi…she still has fire coming out of her nose and has promised to get me back!

This is quite an experience here in Japan as they have the best toilets in the world. You could sit on the toilet for hours! The seat is warm, there is a water spray… :lol: :lol:

Mirka did not come to dinner last night so I brought her back some take away sushi. She was afraid to eat it as she thought ‘Captain Wasabi’ would hit again but I never play the same joke twice. And she hasn’t had her revenge yet, so I need to watch out.

I’m off to dinner with Tim Henman and Stefan Koubek at the teppanyaki. Tim is paying tonight so I will make a double order of Kobe beef!!!

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How arrogant of Federer to have these people quote about him

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Nice quotes, thx for sharing.

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I hope nobody minds me asking a question about this thread, but it this meant to be objective?
I mean, i dont wish to be offensive but the op seeks to prohibit any difference of opinion by requesting no negative comments.

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I hope nobody minds me asking a question about this thread, but it this meant to be objective?
I mean, i dont wish to be offensive but the op seeks to prohibit any difference of opinion by requesting no negative comments.

End of transmission. you are free to disagree and debate..but like I said,good and sensible posts..not trolling or trash-talking,and no snide remarks.

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How arrogant of Federer to have these people quote about him
I know,right :D
Its a huge ATP conspiracy to give the guy all these laurels :wink:

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Great thread!!

10-14-2009, 02:51 AM
Well i cant help but notice one or two inconsistancies between the quotes posted and some of his on court behavior.
Again. I dont wish to cause offence, i am just trying to bring some objectivity to the thread.

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Thanx a lot mandy01, fantastic quotes!! :)
Shows everyone what a great and humble GOAT he is

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Well i cant help but notice one or two inconsistancies between the quotes posted and some of his on court behavior.
Again. I dont wish to cause offence, i am just trying to bring some objectivity to the thread. His overall on court behaviour is better than any of the current top guys..I wouldnt pass a judgement based on one or two incidents( one in which he was partly right.).He's one of the fairest guys on the ATP tour.

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Roger is a pretty good guy.
I like how he picks at times some amateurs in the area of a tournament for a practice session, what a lifetime thrill that must be. Totally cool.

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I didn't know Fed was such a good friend with Gaudio.

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I didn't know Fed was such a good friend with Gaudio.
Me neither, i guess his big influence comes very handy at times :)

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I didn't know Fed was such a good friend with Gaudio.

LMAO. :) 777777777

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I didn't know Fed was such a good friend with Gaudio.
+1 :shock:

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In Paris he(Federer) booked the Crillon Hotel (the best in town) for me, so we could be together-Gaston Gaudio

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thanks for the quotes...enjoyed the read

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Great compilation. Thanks for posting .

:) at the gaudio quote

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And on the third day, Roger created tennis and saw that it was good - Everyone. ;) Please dont get angry, just a joke.