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10-16-2009, 08:30 AM

I don't know nothing about strings.

15 years ago, a stringer advised me to string my PC600 at 56 with a Technifibre Original TGV (either 1.35 or 1.40) which I did and have always done ever since.

Each time I tried something different because the TGV wasn't available, I was disapointed.

But I can see there are a lot of new strings now:
Babolat VS TEam Natural Gut (tride this one on Babolat Pure Drive, was nice, lot of power but less control tha the TGV)
Luxilon Big Banger: never tride, players say it might hurt one's elbow...?

MSV hex...?

Anyway, what kind of strings are you guys, PC600 and Classic Mid users, using your racquet with?

Needless to say, since I play with a PC600, I don't use much topspin...

10-16-2009, 09:09 PM
well try some thinner gauge strings because the tight pattern and small head, i prefer thin guages on prestiges.... unless u break strings a lot

10-16-2009, 10:14 PM
Thanks, I wanted to mention the gauge also.

No, I almost never break strings (no topspin and the TGV is pretty strong). I cut them when the strings in the sweetspot start looking hairy.

What will a thinner gauge give me (besides less resistance which doesn't matter)? More grip on the ball therefore more control? Nicer slices...

10-16-2009, 11:51 PM
I played a match last year with a teammate's PC600 strung with Lux Alu Power (1.25) @ 60 lbs. Wow, what a great combination -- excellent bite on the ball with very nice pop off the string bed. I'm not a string breaker either; don't use heavy topspin. But I found the extra bite from Alu Power very useful -- and fun.

Do note that polys like Alu Power will lose their playability much faster than most syn guts and multis. Also, polys are tougher on the arm (stiffer string bed).

Good luck.

10-17-2009, 12:12 AM
Ok, I did some more research (I know that's what you guys wanted to tell me...) in strings in general, players, etc. I am mostly looking for feel and comfort but I might change my mind with testing.

So, I have a few of those PC600 and will make a few tests. I'll let you know in a about two weeks. In the meantime, other advices are welcome. Strings that I intend to test (very different strings, on purpose, otherwise no use of testing, right?):

_ Technifibre TGV 1.35, 56lbs: what I am using now. I think it is good feel, excellent durability, excellent comfort

_ Prince Duraflex 1.22, yellow: I already played a bit with this. It's very similar to the TGV only of lesser quality and lesser durability

_ Wilson Hybrid Champions (Luxilon BB rough on mains, Wilson Natural gut on crosses): given the price (40 euros), I do hope I won't like it

_ Topspin Cyber Flash or/and Power (mono, Germany 2006 string of the year): given the price (7 euros), I hope I will like it

_ Technifibre Xone biphase: I have a feeling that I will end up with this one, mostly because it looks like my TGV, only better.

I might also try:

_MSV Hex but I am thinking it's nor for me since I don't use tospsin and this string is for big topspiners. Might give the most of my little wrist spin on forehand, who knows?

_Babolat VS team: same as Goran already tried it but, again, I am thinking I don't need this kind of power and it's even more expensive (45 euros) than the Wilson Champions

Also, have you noticed how different all PC600 (even of exact same model) are balanced? It's almost a pity...but the feel is still unique. I know, the solution is balancing machine, just like for the tires.

I might ask for a lower tension on crosses to get a bigger sweet spot : crosses 24/mains 25. I used to do that but I stopped a while ago. Can't remember why. Probably because I didn't see much difference.

Finally, I now play a French 3rd series and would like to rise to 2nd series. Just for fun, I am 40 but quite fit. I have no idea what it translates to with regards to USA rankings (4.0). AS an indication, in France, we have:
_ 4th series: amateur players, first tournaments
_ 3rd series: amateur players, stronger tournaments, team championships
_ 2nd series: positive (above zero) are very strong amateur players (my target), negative are wannabe pros and challengers tournaments
_1st series: 30 best French players you see on TV playing the ATP tour

A teacher used to be a good 3rd at the minimum (me now). They ask for the first (lowest) step of 2nd now.

Gee, that was some writing, my wrist is all warmed up, I can go play now...

10-17-2009, 12:14 AM
Lux Alu Power (1.25) @ 60 lbs. (...)
excellent bite (...)
polys like Alu Power will lose their playability much faster than most syn guts and multis. (...)
Also, polys are tougher on the arm (stiffer string bed).

Good luck.

Well noted, thanks a lot.

10-19-2009, 05:21 AM
Replayed again my TGV 1.35 strung at 25kg (56lbs)

Problem I have is to keep the ball in the court, whether on service (big time, almost never hit the net) from the baseline (back hand or forehand fly by 4 inches) or even at the net (not enough feel I suppose). So besides working on my footstep, with respect to the gauge...I am thinking:
_narrower gauge (I never break) down from 15/16 to 17/18 (thanks lilxjohnyy).
_same tension (56 lbs)
_some string with better feel and control...any idea? Natural gut?

I am looking for feel and control, feel and control, feel and control...

10-19-2009, 05:24 AM
made a mistake, never tried the Babolat VS, I retraced it, it was a Magic force. (told you I didn't nothing about strings, I am getting a better knowledege now). I have a feeling the VS is overrated, even before trying it...it sooo expensive, it really sounds like a marketing trick.

Big Tigger
10-19-2009, 09:00 AM
I've been enjoying mines with PS Big Ace 1,25 (mains) and Maxim Touch 1,25 (Xes) at 56 - Great combo. This is the only frame I can get control under 60 lbs.

Tried BA 1,22 and Micro mains, and did not like it.


10-19-2009, 09:57 AM
Thanks for the advice. I had never heard of pro supex...might give it a try.

12-13-2009, 05:07 AM
Two months later, I have been making a few tests and didn't find yet what I was looking for but found a few other interesting things that I was not looking for, as usual.

To start, I'd say that just as I got used to the PC600 through these last ten years, I got used to the Technifibre TGV strings feel, strung to 25kg, and it's indeed very difficult to change.

To get a thinner gage was very good advice. I recall I was playing with 1.30 in the 1990s and will get down, from 1.40, to at least this gage. On a 18x20 bed, it's common sense, what was I thinking...

Also, a remark, I have now 7 of these PC600 and classic mid racquets, which is useful for testing, and, although the buttery feel is pretty much standard (and therefore the composition: Twaron) "none" of them has the same weight or balance. It ranges from 345g to 360g and from 32cm to 33.5cm balance...I do understand now that pros do need customization. For me, about 32.2cm and 350g works better but I can play with either of them of course.

As I tried those polys and as advised, I got down from a 25kg tension to 24kg. I found this was unecessary. The difference in the hits my arm, elbow and shoulder was acceptable. I'll get back to 25kg (55.5lbs).
Anyway, the results...I was looking for more feel and control. Didn't find yet. Probably because I tried a lot of copoly, monopoly or whatever they are and I do find these are just "inferior" quality strings, compared to the TGV multi at least. For those interested in these poly strings, here are my comments. Ranked by decreasing order of quality (power, feel, control, spin):

_MSV Focus Hex 1,10 (white or black): hexagonal string, execeptional for spin. I might use this string on clay with a lighter PC600 (345g). New balls would reach shoulder height and be very difficult to play for my partner. This is the only positive test I found.

_Prosupex Big Ace 1,25 (white): the closest thing to the TGV multi but besides the price, it's just not as good.

_Cyber Power (blue)/Cyber Flash (grey): amazing softness and power. If I was to serve a whole match without ever receiving, this is what I would take. Loses its qualities and tension way too fast though.

_Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 1,19 (grey): consistent feel, nothing fancy, reliable string.

_Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1,15 (red): very stiff, lousy string. I need to try it again though. Might be the racquet but I doubt it...

_Prince Duraflex 1,30 (yellow): tension had dropped to low by the time I tried it but seems very basic.

I also tried the Technifibre Xone biphase 1,24 (natural). The comparison is difficult with the TGV because I had it strung on a 360g/33.5cm Classic Mid which has unusual weight and balance. I'd say it is very similar of course. It may have more power but less feel than the TGV original, not for me therefore.

I still want to try the Babolat VS team natural gut. I believe either I am going to be crazy about it or dislike it big time. I have big hopes for a change on this string. I have one pack ready but need to wait for the rain to stop around here, maybe in March.

I might also try the Wilson Champion's choice strings, used by Federer. I will string it with the gut in the mains, for "a softer feel and playability". I might find it's a combo of some kind of a "super spin" (MSV hex like, the luxilon alu rough, never tried it yet) and a "super feel" string (the wilson gut).

Price is a killer for these two strings but since I do understand why I was paying so much for my TGV (it is indeed a better string than most strings around), this might be worth it.

Will let you know.


12-13-2009, 05:18 AM
forgot to mention that these weight and balance are: strung, with the overgrip and antivibration dampener on.

12-13-2009, 06:37 AM
Natural gut isn't all about marketing hype. Yes, VS gut is insanely overpriced, but there's a reason for it. It is the standard for the market, and what everybody else tries to emulate. That being said, with the 40+ dollars that you pay, you're also paying for all the sponsorships Bab gives out.

Try some other guts out if you don't want to spend the money for VS. Pacific Classic goes for 27 bucks a set on TW, Pacific Prime for 35.

12-13-2009, 07:39 AM
thanks, well noted and will try those

12-15-2009, 01:09 AM
_Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1,15 (red): very stiff, lousy string. I need to try it again though. Might be the racquet but I doubt it...

I did try again the Kirschbaum yesterday and realized I was very unfair to it. I had tried it for a few hits . Yesterday I played it for an hour on a PC600 and I had added the inside part of the Babolat anti-vibration dampener. Result: very soft, very good touch for a poly, I was able to c perfectly control drop shots and little touch shots against my opponent's drop shots, control was ok, power average.

All in all: good poly, as good as the Prosupex Big Ace if not even better, better for me probably (more feel, less power)

12-15-2009, 07:40 AM
I've been enjoying mines with PS Big Ace 1,25 (mains) and Maxim Touch 1,25 (Xes) at 56 - Great combo. This is the only frame I can get control under 60 lbs.

Tried BA 1,22 and Micro mains, and did not like it.


Luxilon ALU Power and Maxim Touch, thats what I'm using in my PC600.