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10-16-2009, 08:56 AM
Has anyone tried this string? Supposedly bunch of colleges are using this now and that it is gaining popularity on the tour.
That, Tour Bite is Solinco's premium poly, which supposedly have extreme bite on the ball.
Anyone had experience particularly with Tour Bite?

Thanks in advance.


10-16-2009, 09:19 AM
Yeah, I hear that too. I strung it for this kid once, it was the stiffest strings I've ever used, but then again, I've only used so many polyesters, maybe like 10-15 kinds, half of them being soft polys... I tried hitting with them and I suppose it had pretty good bite on it. But the guy wanted me to string it on a crappy sports authority/big 5 racquet... such a waste... especially since he only used those strings for about a day cuz he got another racquet and never played with that one again...

10-16-2009, 09:34 AM
where did you buy this? online shop?

10-16-2009, 11:48 AM
I didn't buy it. I heard it from someone on the tour that more and more players are switching to this. I googled the string name and found out in a stringers forum that few college teams switched to this. That, this is the next big string. That, even Lux is trying to copy the string shape of the Tour Bite (square) for their next string that will come out. It is not available for retail. This is all the info I have on it. I was thinking of buying it via the help of my connection but not very sure if it would be worth it or not. So I wanted to find out first by posting here, if anyone tried it.

10-16-2009, 01:51 PM
Sounds interesting. So the shape of the string is a square? I wonder just how much spin it will produce. Is there a site that lists the colleges that use this string?

10-16-2009, 02:23 PM
Is there a site that lists the colleges that use this string?

I was quoting a stringer from a stringers forum thru my google search, only U of Michigan was mentioned. And as for the squareness, again someone who tested this string was comparing it to "Gamma Ruff" in squareness, but that it is poly. I don't know anything about Gamma Ruff. Sounds interesting for sure.

10-16-2009, 09:07 PM
have a set that i got in taiwan... havent tried it yet.... also have the blue one

10-16-2009, 09:07 PM
I've tried the 18g, and it felt great. The string is fairly stiff (similar to Revenge) when you string it up, but it's got that nice give on contact.

I strung up a Prestige MP (18x20) at around 47#. I really liked it.

I'm sure the next question is "where did you get it?". I got a sample from my local shop. They were given some sample strings and gave me 2 pks. to "test".

10-17-2009, 02:44 PM
Been using this string for the past several months and LOVE IT! Crazy bite and great feel when the ball leaves the racket. I get my rackets strung up with this stuff at Hank Lloyds in SoCal. I hear UCLA and Pepperdine are using solinco strings

10-17-2009, 08:52 PM
It's not square, it's pentagonal. And you can find it by going to google and typing in solinco tennis strings, keep going down till you see chinese characters and click translate page. It'll say the prices in Yuan, but it's actually in Taiwan Dollars, I don't know about shipping and all that since I haven't bought them, but I think they're about 7.50 a set

10-17-2009, 08:59 PM

10-18-2009, 05:51 AM
yeah, g**gle Solinco Sports or Solinco Tennis... go a page or two and translate the pages, you will find some good pics and info...

Also found ZONS brand string. they make a hex-poly... i think they have been out for awhile... :)