View Full Version : ?? Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid - Around the World String pattern questions??

10-24-2009, 10:34 PM
I have questions about the 1 piece Around the World string pattern I been using.
Here it is -
Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid (93)
1 piece, Around The World, 33 Feet (9.2 short side) - 52 pounds

Short side Ė
second to last main (going up)
then weave the top cross (start under main)
Pull and hold with starting a clamp (since long side clamp is in use for long side mains)

Around the world part
Long side Ė
down last main (pull & clamp)
weave bottom cross (start under main) (pull & clamp)
up last main (pull & clamp)
Go back to short side string at top (the one with the starting clamp) to pull, clamp & tie off.

Back to long side for the rest of the crosses -
weave second cross (start under second main) (pull & clamp)
weave, pull & clamp the rest of the crosses (from this point all crosses start over the mains until the last bottom tie off cross)

I know that Head says they wonít honor warranty for 1 piece stringing due to the stress it causes at 90 degree. I got the rackets used and donít have receipts so Iím not sending it back to Head if it breaks anyway.

My question:
Does it really put a lot of stress on the frame where it goes from main to cross at the top of the hoop? Iíve been stringing like this for a couple of years now with other Head Mid rackets and havenít cracked a frame yet. Iím just not sure with the Prestige Classic because they are a bit softer frame and they are old. 52 pounds doesnít seem that high but I want to hear from the experienced stringers out there.