View Full Version : FS: Lobster 401 "Tournament" Ball Machine

11-29-2009, 12:08 PM
For Sale: Labster 401 "Tournament" Ball Machine.

This is the top Lobster pneumatic (air) electric ball machine with side to side and random (side to side & up and down oscillation). Specifics can be found on the Lobster site.

It is about 7 years old and the condition is about 7/10 (mostly for cosmetics) and is 100% functional. It is also easily maintainable by the user if they are at all handy. Parts lists and instructions are available on the Lobster site. The detente (rubber bladder controlling ball ejection) needs to be replaced every several years depending on use. I have done mine once or twice and it is a $37 to $47 part. I also have an extra brand new ball hopper (150 balls) that will go with the machine and the Lobster cover ($49 value). There is no remote control but a mechanical one can be obtained from Lobster.

I am selling because I now have the Playmate Volley ball machine. The Lobster still does much better lobs than the Playmate.

I am asking $425 or a near offer. Buyer pays shipping and insurance, but can be picked up in the Central Florida area. Contact me at vpaulis@cfl.rr.com for any further information.

12-15-2009, 06:15 AM
Price lowered to $350. - Thanks