View Full Version : Prince Sweet Perfection

02-23-2004, 01:37 AM
How do you think of the string???
my racket is Prince TT Rebel
do you think the string is suitable for the racket?
the string I used is Prince Systhetic Gut 17,62bls .I feel quite good,but nowhere to buy now,and someone suggest me the string ,so I want to know more ,Could you tell me your experience with the string?

(I don't know much english, so if there is anything wrong in my sentences,I am sorry,and please tell me, I wil correct it, thanks)

:? :? :?

David Pavlich
02-23-2004, 08:03 AM
Don't concern yourself with your English. Just the fact that you know enough to be able to get your point across is a real accomplishment as English is a pain in the neck to conquer.

Anyway, Sweet Perfection is a very good string. It has good playability rating, not so good on durablity, good on comfort and I'd say it's better than average on its ability to hold tension.

If you're looking for a softer string than your current choice, you should be quite happy with it.