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12-19-2009, 05:18 PM
Hi guys.

So here's my next string review. This time, I'll be talking about the (already mentioned) Pacific ATP Power Hybrid. This is a prepackaged hybrid combination offered by Pacific, consisting of a half-set of their Power Line solid core synthetic gut in 16L gauge, and their Poly Force (I think it's the Original) monofilament polyester in 17 gauge. At $10.95 a job, this combination needed to impress me, as I'm frugal at heart :) .

So here's how it played.

----- Stringing -----

Well, not quite. I'll start with how it was to string it up. I went with the Power Line synthetic in the mains, and the Poly Force in the crosses, at 50/48 lbs of tension. There's supposed to be some sort of "exclusive pre-stretch system" to increase tension maintenance. In any case, I went ahead and pre-stretched it myself anyway before I strung it up. The synthetic was pretty easy to string up, while the poly was a little harder than I'm used to. Then again, I am a tyro stringer at best, so I took it slowly and carefully.

----- Initial Impressions -----

My first thoughts were- wow. Very crisp feeling. Dwell time seems high. Ball pocketing felt really good. The string bed felt very soft, with a good amount of control and stiffness added from the poly. Spin was accessible. Volleys were my favorite shot; the strings cupped the ball. Drop volleys refused to come back up, while putaway volleys were placed close to the line with confidence. Ground strokes were solid. Serving had a lot of bite. My kick serve was landing short in the box before I adjusted. I had to aim my slice serves at the left net post of the adjacent court to get them in the court.

More to follow as I play with the strings more.

12-20-2009, 03:40 PM
Today, I went out and hit with it again. This time, I'll be writing about groundstrokes and serves. Everything else will come tomorrow/Tuesday.


Very solid string combination. Very soft and bites into the ball, but the poly manages to stiffen it up well. Spin came very well. There was a bit of a loss of control, but higher tensions should rectify that. Very easy on the arm. My flat drive was a little bit off, but slice/topspin shots were wicked. Approach shots were nasty- an intense combination of sidespin and backspin made them unpredictable.

9/10 due to less control, although I believe a higher tension could very well improve this.


All I can say is, wow! Bombs, bombs, and bombs some more! Once again, there was a little loss of control, but power was easy to find. Flat heaters were insane- I would estimate that I was pulling around 115 MPH, which is a lot for me (usually hit flat serves around 105). Kick serves skied up around six feet, which made them extremely reliable, attacking second serves. I employed a lot of serve-and-volley tactics, using a slice serve to pop up a weak floater and putting it away with a drive/drop volley.


More to follow.

12-21-2009, 01:25 PM
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12-22-2009, 03:52 AM
you can also read the 'blind-test' review the USRSA/RSI did on this string back in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue - non members can review these string tests on their website...