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04-22-2005, 02:30 PM

I am currently using the Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 strung with Luxilon Big Banger 16g @ 54 lbs. I have very much appreciated this racquet, but with newer technology coming out I feel that I need to move on and try some new frames.

Let me give you guys some 'stats' if you will about me so that you can help me in getting an idea of what racquet would be best suited for my game.

I am a serious 15 year junior (male) that is about 6 feet in height and 165 pounds in weight. I have no problem handling a racquet of 12 oz. plus (the Tour 90 was 12 oz. plus), in fact I don't like the weight of a raquet to drop below 11 oz. I also strongly prefer a raquet with a headsize less than 100 square inches. Obviously being a competetitive player and liking the characteristics of a racquet that emphasizes control, I am looking for a players racquet ... but which one?.

Overall you can say that I am an all court player who plays well on all surfaces. I usually spend most of my time at the baseline running my opponent around ;) , but like to come to the net every so often to finish off points and add variety to the game. My first serve is a big weapon and I can generate pace while still being able to place the ball out wide or down the 'T'. I really value being able to place the ball on serves and want a raquet that will not eliminate this. My second serve usually kicks out wide or into the body, using a good amount of spin, which I also desire the raquet to be able to produce adequetly. On my groundstrokes, I hit with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backand. I hit with a good amount a of pace, so I need a raquet that produced spin well and has a good amount of control so I can place shot and have them land within the baseline. On volleys I like something nice and crisp that is fairly manueverable, and can hit some nice finesse/touch shots to create nice angles.

Of all the new stuff that has come out recently, I am looking at demoing an AeroPro model (Drive or Control ... I am not sure which - any help here would be appreciated) and a Prince O3 Tour Model (is 100 square inches the smallest headsize that will come out?). However, I am open to all kinds of suggestions as long as they exclude nCode technolgy, which I have tried but do not find particulary well tuned to my likes.

Ny help would be very much appreciated and if anyone needs any more information from me in order to help - please ask ... I'll be more than willing to respond.

Thank You in Advance.

04-22-2005, 03:56 PM
Whats wrong with the tour 90 or what don't you like about it?

04-22-2005, 05:56 PM
There are a few reasons why I would like to test out and possibly purchase a few new frames.

a) Maneuverability - I have been coming to the net more and more often during the past development of my game, and would like a racquet that is more maneuverable than my current Tour 90. I love the crisp feel but the maneuverability is lacking, even other heavy player's racquets (Tour Diablo) are noticeably more maneuverable at the net, and also at the baseline. (Yes, Roger Federer makes it look too easy, doesn't he ;) )

b) Recent Elbow Problems - These problems for me have just started occuring and with the long tennis season ahead of me I don't want to be hurting. Luxilon is known to be a harsh string on the arm, and combined with a heavy racquet, it has finally gotten to my elbow. Switching to a more comfortable racquet with a lower swingweight could possibly help relieve some of the stress on my arm.

c) New Technology - New technology from racquet companies finds ways to maintain a high amount of control in an advanced players racquet while adding some pop, and expanding the sweet spot. Taking advantage of this new technology can only help me ... If I don't like the demo I don't have to purchase it ... If the new players racquets lack the precision of the Tour 90, then I might have to pass up, but it is still worth a try.

Overall I am just looking to see if anything is out there is an outstanding player's racquet worthy of testing (I as aforementioned am interested in the AeroPro and O3 Tour already) There is nothing wrong with my Tour 90's, but I am just trying to see if there is anything out there that fits my game even better, providing control, spin, and manueverability.