View Full Version : I need a different racquet.

04-24-2005, 06:37 PM
I'm probably a 3.0 allcourt player, although my coach says I could be a 3.5. Which is probably too optimistic.

I've been using a LM Prestige MP, I got it as a gift when I first started playing. However, I've begun to notice compared to a couple other rackets I've tried it doesn't really have a lot of...feel. I've also been told by other people that the Prestige MP isn't really suited towards my game, although I don't really know what it's suited for from lack of knowledge. I like to get to the net after quick, deep approach shots, and play a lot of doubles, so my ideal racket would be great for volleying.

Since I haven't been playing long, I really don't know much about other rackets. At times I've played with a friends nCode SixOne 95, which is great for driving the ball at the baseline but felt awkward when volleying.

On a quick note, I don't really mind going down to a Mid from a Midplus, and I don't really need oversized. I'm pretty consistent, and have found that the strings on my racket lose their color only in the middle. Which pretty much just means I don't mind small headsizes.

Thanks, it's really appreciated.

04-24-2005, 06:57 PM
IMHO, I really like my Prince More Attack 920. I know that many people dont like the "MORE" line of racquets, and they have been discontinued. But I really like the one I hit with. I have customized it with some lead tape, however stock or not, it is a great doubles racquet....a little bit head light for manuverability, but still with some nice "pop".

04-24-2005, 07:07 PM
this might sound stupid, but try the wilson pro staff 6.0 85. this is a great volley frame, probobly the best of all time, and its a beast with serves as well. its not teh best baseline stick, but it does teh job to hold you in the ralley while you rip a ball to get up to net. its really a great stick if you can handle to small head. its got the most feel of any frame ever made, not just my opinion there. There the newer versions of this, but ithink the orginal 85 is best. You might want to consider the tour 90, n code 90, or the 6.0 95, but they arent the same in the catagories that you are looking for as the 85. I'd also so try soem different strings, if feel is the problem. try a high end multifilament, or maybe natural gut to get mroe feel. poly mains, natural gut crosses are a great crisp and awsome feeling comob, if you want to put out the cash. lm presitge is a good frame adn with adense mattern, you canm put in full gut adn not really worry too much about durability. gut helps with voleyingand basicalyl everythign, as it really creates more ball pocketeing. in a sense using gut is a lot cheaper than buy a pair of new frames. id say give that a shot first, and if thats no good, consider the pro staff 85.

04-24-2005, 07:38 PM
I'll try the gut, it won't be too expensive -luckily, I'm connected with the owner of a tennis store, lol.

However, I'll try to demo the pro staff first. I've heard lots of good reviews, so I'm sure it's at least worth trying out.

04-24-2005, 08:04 PM
^You might try the 95 too. If you play against tougher hard hitters often, it will be very hard to keep up the quality of shots with the 85.