View Full Version : Pacific Classic Gut 17G on a K95 18x20 or a PS 6.0 95?

01-19-2010, 04:22 PM
Last couple months I was using full bed poly's. PL II 1.15, CyberBlue 1.25, MSV Focus Hex 1.18, BlackCode 1.18. I also tried a few multi's like RipControl, WeissCannon Explosiv and KGut Pro.
Before all that I was playing with Tonic 16 full bed and now I have a set of Pacific Classic Gut 17g but 2 racquets available for stringing and I can't decide which racquet to string with it.
I have tried only once the PS 6.0 95 with NG which was Tonic strung @55 and it did not feel like Natural Gut but a lot firmer and stiffer.
On the other hand the K 95 18x20 when was strung with Tonic @ 55 felt better in the past.
I am afraid that after playing with very thin co-poly gauges the Tonic 16g on the PS 6.0 95 felt firmer and maybe stiffer than the soft co-polys because of the gauge difference. Normally it should feel more powerful and comfortable.

I am playing now with CyberBlue and Blackcode strung @ 53.
I ma leaning towards stringing the Classic gut on the K 95 18x20 @ 57 lbs...
I read somewhere that Natural Gut in order to exploit and feel its resilience and elasticity it as to be strung not low. Is it true?
I am curious to see how it will feel play with Natural Gut after using polys in full bed...

Bad Dog
01-19-2010, 05:15 PM
the Tonic 16g on the PS 6.0 95 felt firmer and maybe stiffer than the soft co-polys because of the gauge difference. Normally it should feel more powerful and comfortable.

In my PS 6.0 95, I prefer natural gut at 55 to 57. My experience has been with Babolat VS 16 and 17. I understand that Pacific gut is firmer and stiffer than VS, which means that I would string Pacific lower.

I also try to make sure that gut is not pre-stretched too vigorously – so that it does not become too firm or too stiff. [That's what may have happened to your experience with tonic.]

While the 6.0 95 feels great with a relatively open string pattern (16x18), natural gut will last longer in your K95 18x20. If you string it in your K95, you could consider using a lower tension than what you used in your 6.0 95, so that it does not feel too firm or stiff this time.

Bottom line: Higher tension will give you a stiffer and firmer feel. Lower tension will give you a more powerful and more comfortable stringbed.

01-19-2010, 05:19 PM
The stringer says that he prestretches a little by hand the NG just to remove the memory coil and make it easier to string.

I was playing with Tonic 16 using the K95 and a Rok 93 and it felt powerful and comfortable compared to other strings. Don't know why on that PS 6.0 95 did not feel that way.
I think I am becoming addicted to thin gauge co-poly's...

Bad Dog
01-19-2010, 06:06 PM
To test whether you are actually becoming addicted to thinner gauge poly, you might consider stringing poly in the Rok and K95. Why? Because you already know that the Rok and K95 felt good with gut so why don't you see if you would still be addicted to poly in the Rok and K95?

That would give you the opportunity to use the 17 gauge gut in your 6.0 95. 17 gauge is almost guaranteed to feel even better than 16 gauge. Your 6.0 95 is such a tremendous-feeling racquet that it's almost unfortunate to string poly in it when natural gut is available. But I am heavily biased in favor of the 6.0 95, and this is simply my opinion.

Of course, it's your call and whatever you choose to do, we look forward to reading about your 17 gauge gut experience.

01-19-2010, 06:32 PM
I would not try poly on the Rok93. The reason is because I felt that the best suited string for that racquet was Natural Gut because it added the necessary power. That racquet has amazing control but for a reason -maybe the smaller headsize and smaller SW- I frame a lot more than the K95 or the PS 6.0 95. 2 square inches seem not much big difference on headsize but for a reason I have a lot more mishits with ROK 93. Well I have been playing for less than 18 months so it may be quite understandable I can't handle such racquet.

I like the feel of the PS 6.0 95 and sometimes I keep wondering how it would feel if it was 18x20.
I play exclusively with 18x20 racquets. The PS 6.0 95 is the only exception...