View Full Version : Fairly interesting hybrid..anyone try this?

Power Player
01-20-2010, 09:52 AM
I have been hitting with full polys (cyberflash, MSV Hex, Proline II) at 54#s for a while now. I started getting into the whole low tension thing, and it is nice on the arm.

I just bought a Dunlop 4d 200 and it came with Timo (mains) and Wilson Stamina at 62#s. So I naturally thought that this would be tight and boardy. I was very surprised with the power I got and how good it felt. I had zero pain. I read that TIMO should be strung lower, but maybe it was ok and the power was perfect due to the synthetic gut hybrid?

I am not sure, but I was wondering who else hybrids at a higher tension, and also what strings are similar to Timo? Also, is Wilson Stamina the most durable synthetic? I feel like I am going to break it soon.

This is an excellent hybrid and I really reccomend it.

Power Player
01-20-2010, 12:41 PM
Quick add, I am going to try Gamma synthetic at 15 gauge and Cyberflash at 17. I will try them at 60#s and see how good it feels in compariosn.